Friday, July 21, 2006

Getting ready for an Israeli ground invasion

Hezbollah has rained down rockets on Haifa and other cities in Israel continuously of late.

On the Lebanese border Israeli tanks and troops are currently amassing there.

The Isreali Defense Force has stated there is not going to be a full-scale Isreali invasion. They don't want to push all the way to Beirut. There will be only limited operations aimed at disabling Hezbollah.

The goal is to stop Hezbollah from flinging rockets into Isreal and for the release of the two Isreali troops being held in Iran.

The Lebanese Army has not been strong enough to deal with Hezbollah, a group some claim is larger and stronger than Al-Quaeda (and is backed primarily by Iran), so Isreal must take care of them and prevent them from further pounding of cities in Israel.

The Isreali Ambassador claims that about half of Hezbollah's weapons and munitions have been destroyed.

John Bolton, the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. states that the connection of Hezbollah to Iran and Syria should not be overlooked.

I agree.

Israel continues to claim that this is a war against Hezbollah only, and they have a right to wage this war since it is Hezbollah that has been attacking Israel.

Just because Syria was pushed out of Lebanon last year during the Cedar Revolution, this does not mean that Syria is not heavily involved.

Hezbollah has become a state within the state of Lebanon, and Lebanon is not strong enough to confront Hezbollah. Had Lebanon been strong enough in the past to deal with Hezbollah, then perhaps Israel's involvement would not have become necessary.

Fact is, Hezbollah has been attacking Israeli settlements and cities, and Israel must defend herself.

If I were the other nations, I would be backing up quickly, because Israel on the prowl will only mean defeat to any army that gets in Israel's way.

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Bushwack said...

Israel needs our support, in the way most would think we are incapable. LET THEM GO. Allow Israel to finish this thing once and for all, A world without Hezbollah would be a time of joy and peace, A world without Israel would be a time of sadness and despair.