Friday, July 07, 2006

A Promise to the Future

Why do we combat the treasonous actions of the New York Times?

Why do we support the spread of freedom to places such as Iraq?

Why do we wage war against terrorism?

Why are we outraged when the liberal media determines that 7 Marines and a Navy Corpsman are guilty before proven innocent?

Why do we speak out regarding the challenges facing our nation?

The answer is simply to leave the generations of the future with the best America that we can -- a safe, free, and prosperous America.

Unfortunately, the media has not held up their end of the responsibilities of keeping America safe.

If we are to preserve for our posterity the freedom and prosperity our ancestors preserved for us, we must continue to assert our outrage against the barbarism of our enemies, and against the treasonous actions of the New York Times and the rest of the liberal media. Our outrage must create resolution through action -- we must continue to fight against the liberal lie -- we must continue to be outraged -- we must continue to follow the path to victory. For the sake of the coming American generations of the future - our children and their children - we can accept no less.

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