Saturday, August 12, 2006

Terrorists using human shields from the vantage point of an Israeli

Recently on a forum I am a member of called Absolute Write a gentleman that goes by the name of TeddyG from Jerusalem, Israel responded to an attitude that doubted that the terrorists actually use human shields and fight from among the civilians. This is very well written, and I asked him if I could post it to Political Pistachio, and his words were: "Post Away."

So, here it is, and understand, this is a man that lives in Israel, surrounded by terrorism, living with war around him at all times. Of course, he says it best.

---I have been an Israeli Battlefield Medic in the reserves for over 25 years. I have been In Lebanon during the first war, gone through two intifadas, and was in Jenin during Operation Defensive Shield 4 years ago. I have lived through war upon war. And I take no pride in that fact.I have no clue how to prove this to the non-believers out there. I can only say this. I have, with my own eyes, in the many places I have been, seen and experienced with utter horror the way civilians and children are used as human shields. I once watched 3 terrorists walk out of a house in Jenin, holding at arms length, their OWN children as human shields. I watched during the intifada (the first one) in Tul-Karem as more than 10 terrorists held up in a Mosque and after shooting and killing 2 soldiers, call the UN and the press to show that Israeli soldiers had surrounded a mosque. And still btw, we did not enter it out of respect for religion.I would like also at this time to call your attention to another incident in which I was present. Until I saw this with my own eyes, indeed, the soldiers that served with me for 25 years were the soldiers that discovered it, and I was there. We stopped an ambulance during Operation Defensive Shield. An ambulance which belonged in Bethlehem but for some reason was way off between Nablus and Jenin. It was suspicious and had made its way through quite a few roadblocks. Upon opening the back, I stepped in to check the "wounded". Only the wounded were holding guns, and not wounded at all. Underneath them in the compartments meant for medical supplies the entire ambulance was full with C-4 and grenades. The foreign press was not far from us. They jumped on the "Israeli Army Aggressors" for stopping an ambulance. They went to town on it, UNTIL we took them INTO that ambulance to see for themselves which made front page news.I was there when a funeral was staged for "a young adult" in Jenin. As this procession moved along, unknowingly being filmed by the press and the Israelis, the area around this "funeral" procession blew up in a battle. Know what the corpse did? The corpse got up so fast off the stretcher that was carrying it, you would swear the dead came alive.This and many other incidents were filmed and recorded and put in a movie called "Three Weeks In Jenin" produced by an independent film producer. Know how I know this so well? Cause much of the movie is about my unit and my experiences as the medic in Jenin during those three weeks.So know, this will never be "proven". It is a myth. We make up these things to just make the Hezbollah and all the terrorists look bad.I have lived through a shi* load of war as a soldier. Both my sons are in the reserves. My son-in-law is in Lebanon right now. You think any of us LIKE THIS? So go ahead. Say what you like. Twist the truth or see it your way. Israel is always the aggressor. We have been so since the State was established. We should just let terrorists function on our border. We should always be more and more willing to give up land. After all only one year ago we gave up the Gush Katif settlements, hoping this would bring some sort of peace. Then watched as synagogues were burned with glee, and Kasam rockets just able to penetrate deeper and deeper into Israel (behind the green line I may add).So NO... this cannot be "proven". I have seen it with my own eyes. I have watched it happen. I cannot prove to you that it takes place, cause nothing short of YOU being there to watch with horror this taking place will make you believe it. And even then I fear, you will find some excuse. And I have seen much much worse. I can only say without any sort of judgment, that until you begin to understand that this is NOT the western mentality on death and dying that you know and are used to, you simply will never understand.And yes, as a medic I have taken care of my share of the "enemy". I have even spoken in English and a smattering of Arabic with mothers of the Shayeeds (those who blow themselves up and go to heaven as heroes). Not a word of remorse. Not sad their son's are dead. Happy they blew up women and children. Ecstatic I may add. (And ecstatic that the Israelis were taking care of their medical needs.)So this is an attempt. A small one. To explain things that I will admit are so far beyond Western mentality that they seem preposterous. Unfortunately this is reality. And if you watched Fox or CNN or even the BBC or even read the world press and just took a cursory look at the pics and film that has been released (assuming you believe they were not doctored by the aggressor-minded Israelis) you too would know this to be the truth.I know putting this up invites attack and vilification as usual. But this is way out in left field. I read this and I truly wonder, if there is any way to "prove" anything. Using that logic I would assume that even gravity can be disputed.So I cannot prove it to you. I can only say for the record that I am a witness to these things. One witness among thousands.


Sage said...

Those of us who don't look at the world through rose colored liberal glasses as we hug trees know that this mans article rings with the truth.
We and the Israelis need to completely ignore the world opinion and the MSM'S depiction of our cowboy tactics and Israeli's aggressiveness and as they say in Texas.."git her done."
This is a war we are waging, we don't need to hug our knees and ponder what we should do as the terrorists regroup and relentlessly attack our troops and Israeli cities.
'nuff said

Gary said...

Greetings Doug,

Gawfer here from a friends PC. Never hit your site until today, but you and I have a great deal in common!

Did you attend the Harvest Crusade the weekend?

Go Navy!

Bushwack said...

Doug, Great find there. I wish more folks would open up their eyes and see the truth. Even when it is shown in the movie the left denies it.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

To answer Gawfer, yes, I attended the Harvest Crusade and it was awesome (as it always is). Sage, the left just doesn't get it, and if they realize even a little that they are wrong, they doctor the truth so that they may bend it into their favor. Robert, I consider TeddyG a friend, and I converse with him through the forum often, and his writings always touch me and will probably find their way into Political Pistachio more often - - the left won't open their eyes because then they would have to admit that they are wrong . . . dead wrong. The biblical implications are amazing, as well. In the post before this one, I almost used the words from Revelation "Peace and Safety" without even realizing it. In the past those words seemed synonymous with each other, but now with terrorism the meaning is all to understood. And as this joke of a cease fire approaches, people forget, Hezbollah and the Islamic Radicals preferred to fight a war with Israel, rather than simply return two soldiers. This will not be a cease fire if the fighting stops. It will be a chance for Hezbollah to re-arm.

Anonymous said...

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