Monday, October 02, 2006

A couple books to check out - okay, it's a shameless plug for a couple of fellow writers I respect

Many of you out there know that I am a writer. Last July I had the opportunity to meet Dan Bessie. The picture and written account is in the "News" section of my main website. Well, earlier tonight I had the opportunity to meet two writers with two great books on the market that I was more than happy to purchase. The first is "Playing with the Enemy" by Gary W. Moore, also soon to be a Major Motion Picture. The second book is "Torpedo" by Jeff Edwards, STGC(SW), USN (Ret.). For those of you that like to read, especially where the military is involved, these books are for you.

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Gunny John said...

If the ever stellar library (or bookstore) here gets either one, I'll give 'em a read.