Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foley's folly shouldn't sink the ship

Rep. Mark Foley, a congressman from Florida, and a member of the Republican Party, is an idiot, and is one of those people that Absolute Zero zeroes in on. He's sick, and I'm glad he got caught. The Democrats, of course, is all over this one. Thing is, the Democratic Party is always being haunted by charges of sexual misconduct. They're just happy it happened to a Republican for once. Thing is, they aren't jumping on this because they really think what Foley did was so wrong, it is a strategic attack. Their goal has nothing to do with morality. And their abilities to battle has nothing to do with honest politics. They can't argue the issues. The goal of the Democratic Party is simply to create hate against the GOP, as they are trying to incite against Bush, and Foley didn't help the Republican battle at all.

And now they are all over Dennis Hastert's handling of this affair, calling for his resignation. Are you kidding me? Granted, Hastert's past spending record is not one I agree with, but he took swift action when the Foley situation regarding his chatting with a teenage page in an overly friendly manner arose last week.

No more quiet dueling. The Republican Party can no longer allow the Democratic feeding frenzy to continue. It's time for the GOP to fight back, and make the voters realize that scandals happen, and I am pissed that this scandal involves a republican, but this crap has nothing to do with the conservative platform. Fact is, the Democratic Party cannot compete with the GOP when it comes to the specifics on the issues. The liberal platform would spell tragedy for our nation. They want to tax us into a recession, reward people for not working with hand-outs, cut and run out of the Middle East, increase our dependence on foreign oil while increasing the price of gas with higher oil taxes, allow every illegal and terrorist across the border, rub noses with jerks like Chavez in order to "keep the peace", run our currency into a global joint venture like Europe has, and allow China to run even more free to do as they please. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Foley screwed up, and he is a sick individual, but please, GOP, fight back, let the voters know who the liberals really are. Our future depends on it.


Sage said...

Hey dude,
I liked this article enough to snag it and post it with credit to you for writing it on my site, hope thats okay.

~Mary said...

Another great post. I linked. Mayber your future is in politics and not writting. {ducking} :-)

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Or maybe my future is in writing about politics. . .the book I'm writing right now is a political satire - mostly makes fun of the New York Times.

Anonymous said...

It's too late, Pistachio...the truth is out...most Americans now rightly believe that they cannot trust Republicans in public office, and Democrats hold the moral high ground...and when the Republicans lose the radical religious right's hate-frenzy base, they have lost their voting base. Buhhh-Bye!!!