Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mail from Rome, Italy

Remember when I stated about a month and a half ago that I had a friend going to Europe? Well, he's been there quite a while and has finally gotten around to sending me a postcard. Here it is. I'm a little envious. Hopefully, before I get too long in the tooth, I'll be able to experience Europe as he is experiencing it now.


Anonymous said...

That's cool they get a chance to see Europe. I have been to England and Sweden.
Would Love to go to Greece.
Murrietta- I used to live near there.
I have a friend in Wildomar.
Take care gibbs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Let me know when you're headed to the Eternal City. I'll send you some touristic tips!

Mrs. Ox is from near Rome, I've lived there various times, and have led some tours there (and elsewhere in Italy).

If the Democrats win, I may have to move to a monastery in Italy... ha, ha.

atheling2 said...

Doug, go see Europe before it's entirely Muslim.

Europe is a dead man walking. However there are still remnants of her great past.

I wonder what will become of all of Europe's art treasures when Islam takes over?