Sunday, December 03, 2006

Enough is Enough

I love a good debate. In fact, I live for good debates. Debates. Not mud slinging. Not name calling. Not comments that X-out Christ. Not jargon that alienates my loyal readers to the point that they decide that commenting is no longer worth it.

When Liberal Trolls began to frequent my Political Pistachio, a good blogger friend warned me that though my attitude of allowing all sides to be able to voice their opinions on my site was admirable, the left fails to understand specifics, and eventually enough will be enough.

I've reached that point.

I love receiving comments. I appreciate various opinions. Gunz and Conservative Cowboy are friends, and I will defend them before I defend any leftwing trolls. So, those of you on the left, and you know who you are, play nice, or I go to moderating comments and your words will never see the light of day. Discuss, debate, and enjoy the diversity of our beliefs. Do not X-out Christ anymore, do not put down my readers, do not sling anymore mud. If you desire for people to provide references for what they write, cite yours as well. This nation was founded for freedom of religion and freedom of speech, but this is my site, and my rules apply here. I would prefer not to ban anyone, or lose readers because some liberal moonbat has gotten out of control.

Thanks, love you all, I'm leaving now to go Prying1's advertised "Handel's Messiah".

God Bless, and feel free to comment without moderation for now.


Gunz said...

Just to clarify my position Doug I will always comment and read your blog. Extremely well written material and outstanding substance. I made reference in a previous post and suggested I wouldn't give any further responses. That was in regards to MudKitty. Appreciate you having our '6's on the matter also.

Semper Fi brother...

Christopher said...

Ditto Douglas. I don't get a chance to comment much but you are one of the few blogs I have in my rss reader that I read on a daily basis.

Thanks from me also.

Anonymous said...


Appreciate your defense of using "Christ" in Christmas. When people deliberately use the "x" instead, I am offended by it.
They are being insulting and provocative, which is intolerable.

mudkitty said...

You're displaying a lack of knowledge of history. "X" truly IS the earliest symbol for "The Christ." Come on DG. I expect you to know that.

prying1 said...

The earliest SYMBOL of Christ (Greek for Annointed One) was Jesus HIMSELF.

There was a time that He lived on earth. (Proven fact through historical records)

He is the only Jew in history that met all the criteria of Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah. At this point in time no other Jew could possibly claim to meet that criteria due to the diaspora.

He did live. He did die. HE DID RISE AGAIN! As He said he would.


I know this is the Christmas season when Christians celebrate His birth but it is the Easter season when we remember what he has done for all of mankind.

Something no other man (or woman) could do.

He gave his life for others.

That, giving one's life, others could do and have done. Someone might still do it for one of us by pushing one of us from the path of certain death such as a speeding car or train...

But could that person carry all the things you have done against God (read the ten commandments), subject them (the sin) to death, and leave them there?

He left Death, Sin and the Grave behind us and all He asks is that we ask Him into our hearts.

He does not ask that you follow your fellow blogger.

He asks that you simply ask Him into your heart.

You don't need to promise Him anything.

You don't need to promise to be a better person. You don't need to promise that you will quit sinning. You don't need to promise that you will love your neighbors as yourself. You could not promise him anything and if you did you would break that promise within 24 hours. (read about Peter and the rooster.)

I would suggest that anyone reading this simply say, "Jesus. Come into my heart." and see how tommorrow treats you.

That is all I did back in 1971 and He has been my Best Friend ever since.

God is on your side!

mudkitty said...
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mudkitty said...

And so it begins.

Fight The Good Fight! said...

Your patience has been commended from me, one who will not allow these types of haarrasment. Esp. when the troll in question does not have their own blog. Therefore they feel safe to offend and attack others.
Attacks, name-calling and abusive behavior are their calling cards.

Respect, admiration, apologetic and concideration are attributes of a character that are to be esteemed.
It is one thing to show your rants about politics and religion in a world forum and another to attack and degrade those of the same values and opinions.


Fight The Good Fight! said...

Harassment! 'excuse me'

mudkitty said...

I attack ideas. But on many right wing sites, I am personally attacked. I don't think, for example, that Doug would deny that.

But it's ok, attack away.