Friday, January 12, 2007

Update on that harsh e-mail

My friends, the harsh liberal that spewed all of that venom about me "needing to put my money where my mouth is," and accusing me of being "just another rightwing blowhard" did something that surprised the hell out of me. He apologized for being too harsh after receiving my response to his e-mail.

And then, upon acknowledgment of me being a vet, said "As an American I certainly honor your sacrifice for our country."

Holy cow. Am I getting this right? First, my resident lefty, Mudkitty stands up for me (thank you my dear, and thanks to the rest of you too - I loved the comments on that post), and then this guy apologizes for being harsh.

And it gets better.

He stated he is feeling a little foolish about the e-mail. Perhaps he feels like he jumped the gun and acted on emotion - - - which, to be honest, I believe is a typical liberal trait. If folks would stop and consider that we are all in this together, and we all have a right to an opinion, we might get something accomplished in this country. So far, I don't think the leftwingers in Congress have taken my new friend's lead, just yet.

The e-mailer also stated, and I recognize his right to have an opinion, that he doesn't understand the point about protecting this nation by starting a war with another nation who is not threatening us.

He then thanked me for responding, and of course I sent an e-mail thanking him for his response, and inviting him to comment on Political Pistachio, explaining that I try to be fair with my commenters. As long as the mudslinging doesn't get too bad, or folks don't do things like X-out Christ in their wording, I accept all comments.

Now, I feel obligated to respond to his statement that we ought not be starting wars with nations not threatening us. That, my friends, is where I differ from the left. I believe that nations that harbor terrorists, fund terrorism, train terrorists, have outside connections with 9/11 (I will provide my info on that on a later date), and proclaim in mass rallies "Down With America" as they wave their guns in the air, a threat. I also consider any nation who's goal it is to annihilate one of our most precious allies, Israel, also to be a threat. So, in response to your statement, I don't believe we started a war with another nation who is not threatening us. Saddam Hussein was a threat. I believe he had weapons of mass destruction that he planned to unleash on the U.S., but was able to get them out of the country, probably to Iran or Syria, before we located them. I believe that he was providing a safe haven for al Qaeda terrorists (such as Zarqawi). I believe that our presence in the region is one of the main reasons we have not been hit again by terrorism in the United States, however long that may last. And I believe that if we pull out of Iraq like the Democrats desire, Iraq will fall harder than Vietnam did in 1975. Iran and Syria will use Iraq as a safe haven for terrorists. Anybody found to have supported the U.S. presence in that nation will be slaughtered, making the Killing Fields of Cambodia look tame. Kurdistan would be no more. And Israel would fall under a threat that would either obligate them to strike against the aggressors with nuclear weapons, or Israel will be annihilated as the Radical Islamists desire.

And for those who use the arguments about the dangers of all fundamental religions, don't. This is an ideology like no other. You would think that Democrats and Liberals would support this fight against Islamism. Islam is guilty of human rights atrocities from all ends of the spectrum. They wish to kill anyone that is not of their religion, gays, women who stand up for themselves, and so on. To do nothing is to allow the cancer to spread, and we must not allow such a thing.

As for my harsh e-mailer, I hope you visited again and are reading this. I don't hate anyone, but I have values that I stand up for, and I am willing to fight for. Freedom isn't free, and neither are the values that you are enjoying right now.

This is not just a war on terrorism. It is a war to protect the American Way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Doug,

This line that you wrote: To do nothing is to allow the cancer to spread, and we must not allow such a thing. Says it all for me.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

You know, Night Rider, to me it's common sense, but I guess common sense isn't quite a common commodity.

TexasFred said...

Better look for the 'star in the east'.. You have some dubious standups... LMAO

Anonymous said...

Wow, Douglas. If more of us from the right and the left would remember that we are all in this together as Americans, this nation would be so much stronger against those that want to harm us. The simple e-mail you sent is proof that we are not enemies - we may differ a bit - but we are all Americans. I'm so glad he understood and responded. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

"protecting this nation by starting a war with another nation who is not threatening us"

Historically, this is incorrect. After the Gulf War - where we SAVED Kuwait from continued atrocites and repelled the invasion of Saddam's Iraq into their nation - Saddam signed a treaty - a cease fire. He then proceeded to violate the cease fire - just ask any of the pilots who were patrolling the no-fly zone how often they were fired upon. They felt it was a matter of time before they were hit. His violations of the cease fire were complicated and continuous - can anyone say "oil for food"? We did not "start a war" as the refrain goes, we continued a war we failed to finish the first time because we thought "talking" would help. I believe that he had WMD - and the Dulfer report says he did - just not of the grand scale that everyone felt "counted".

Also, he was funding the families of the suicide bombers attacking Israel. Have you noticed the decrease in the numbers since we took Saddam down?

I am impressed that your e-mailer didn't leave an "ANON" hit and run comment, but engaged in discourse - I admire that.

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that you said we are in this all together. Muzzies dont care who they kill... That sais...who has the best way of keeping us free? I believe the Dems and progresives intend to give the house away!