Thursday, March 22, 2007

NPR says Global Warming is an Accepted Science by Everyone

Most of the time, when I am behind the wheel of my big rig in the early morning hours, or the evening hours, I usually listen to talk radio or Christian Rock. Sometimes, when driving down in San Diego during the morning, primarily because there isn't much to listen to down there during that time of the day, I will tune into their local NPR station to see what the left has to say for the day.

Yesterday Gore's visit to Congress came up, and the statement was made that "Global warming in an accepted science by everyone."

I spit out the water I was drinking, and had to place both hands firmly on the wheel.

It's bad enough that the leftists preach Retreat, Defeat, and Surrender when it comes to the war in Iraq, and that everyone in this world has enormous rights as preached by the ACLU, unless of course you are Israeli, Christian, or a member of the Boy Scouts. But first of all to call Global Warming a science was pushing it, then to say that it was accepted by everyone was the last straw.

Everyone who? If you didn't watch the video, "The Great Global Warming Swindle", scroll down a few posts and watch it. Then ask yourself, is Global Warming a science, or another political tool in the armament of the liberal/Marxist agenda?
An acquaintance of mine who grew up in Alaska said to me not too long ago, "Global Warming? Where I lived the glaciers grew by six feet, and all of the polar bear populations in Alaska and Canada grew in numbers, except two of them, of which numbers remained stable."
But, Congressman Barton of Texas, a ranking member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, saw Gore's BS for what it is and took him down for the count during Gore's visit to Congress. Barton told Gore that his ideas are flawed, and if his assertion regarding CO2 emissions were correct, to save the planet we'd have to ban all cars and people!
Little ol' mankind in a short span of years was able to cause all this turmoil, huh? Worse than the volcanoes that created this planet? Damn those cavemen for discovering fire. They doomed us all!
Fact is, Gore is totally wrong, and the left has bought the whole thing, hook, line, and sinker.
And they dare call Christianity a crazy religion. The religion of Global Warming believes that the central principle of governments should be the environment, but the true hypocrisy of it all is that Gore is far from being an energy conservationist, much less accurate on anything he says regarding the global warming question.
Is there polluted gunk in the air and water? Yep. We ought to be clean about how we handle our environment, but to create this new science (which is in direct opposition to the liberal pushed planet cooling agenda in 1972) of global warming, and then proclaim that it is filled with facts when in fact it is filled with twisted scientific theory that has in most cases been proven wrong, is ridiculous.
Science develops a theory, and then goes about the scientific method to prove the theory to be a law, prove it to be false, or is unable to gather enough evidence to prove it one way or the other. Global Warming is hardly a science. The movement depends on hate mail, threats, and Hollywood to keep it breathing.
Global Warming is hardly a science, and hardly true.


MDConservative said...

Oh well, I guess I am a “nobody.” Cause I do not agree.

If this garbage didn’t have the chance of crippling civilization in development and financially, they could just go be little tree huggers and ya want to join…ok, if not…ok. But this is a farce that loons want us to pay for.

Did you like the “former next President of the United States” being taken down a notch to “Senator” during the hearings? lol

Lex Luthor said...

Did Gore say something about his "Play Pen" being on fire when he was a baby? Also, is there any truth to the sequel: A Convenient Lie!?

Wild Phil said...

Hi Doug,

Lex there has got quite a great sense of humor and truth to that.

Did Gore say something about his "Play Pen" being on fire when he was a baby? ROFLMAO

But hush now, didn't Gore create the Internet. ROFLMAO

Proletariat said...

Bush! What a Marxist!


Unknown said...

"Sometimes, when driving down in San Diego during the morning, primarily because there isn't much to listen to down there during that time of the day"

Yup... a bunch of poop. CD's are good. The Mikey show can be funny. Rock 105.3

Wild Phil said...


Actually Proletariat the left has the category of being more marxist, comunist, naziist, popotist etc.... than anyone else.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

If you watched the film I posted on March 18th, you'll know that CO2 (proven by science) does not cause global warming, global warming causes an increase in CO2. The culprit? The sun. Proletariat has pointed out that Bush has funded Global Warming Research, so he feels that classifies our president as a Marxist (as I called all of the lefty pinkoes that are behind this swindle), but honestly, it doesn't prove he's a Marxist, only a politician that has folded under the pressure of evironmental nazis. Proletariat, before you make anymore idiotic comments on this issue, please watch the film "The Great Global Warming Swindle", and then tell me what your think. Scroll down a little ways for the vid, it's embedded on the blog so you don't have to go anywhere to view it.

Proletariat said...

Little defensive, aren't we? If the evidence clearly shows Global Warming to be a hoax, then you have nothing to be defensive about.

I believe there is more to the story of Global Warming, yes. I also believe Al Gore is just trying to make ANOTHER name for himself.

I don't quit see, though, how Global Warming is a Marxist idea. Maybe I'm wrong.


Wild Phil said...

Proletariat What a Nazi!

Anonymous said...

There is indeed consensus in the community of historical climatologists:
1) Yes, the globe is warming. We're recovering from the "Little Ice Age" of early modern times--you know, that Black Death and 100 Years War stuff. 2) Human activity is either not the cause at all or at worst a tiny factor. 3) The Stalinist direction of the world's economy wouldn't make a tiny dent in the trend. 4) Global warming periods over the last 10,000 years correspond to the rise of civilizations, global cooling to their collapse.

This warming frenzy is just another socialist/utopian power grab. When Islamic fundamentalism becomes more of a threat (like after a nuke goes off), they Left will use that too in order to take-over and build up Big Brother. Whatever the issue, we need more government under the control of the Left...

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