Friday, April 20, 2007

Points Taken and Alec Baldwin's rant against his daughter (audio clip included)

I am one to admit I am wrong (or mistaken), though Mrs. Pistachio will tell you I never admit when I am wrong (or mistaken).

Like how I'm throwing that "mistaken" into it?

A number of commenters have brought it to my attention that the photos I alleged as being taken by another party of that crazy gunman At Virginia Tech, Cho, may have been sliced and diced by the media so that they could be presentable. I felt that if the photos had been skewed and non-centered they would have published them that way to show more evidence of Cho being nuts or acting alone. It was just a theory, anyway. Sky Dive Rick reminded me that before I jump to conclusions I need to consider ALL of the possible variables, and the point is taken.

My dear Kris, out there in the United Kingdom, has brought it to my attention that I should welcome opposing opinions on my site as I once did before, and not make Political Pistachio an echo chamber of my views.

I respect Kris, and I am glad she has shown concern, especially since she has a few views that are not completely in-sync with mine, as does a few other people.

Mudkitty and Tom were not banned for having opposing views. They were banned for being disruptive. Rather than give a topic-laden comment filled with intelligence and thoughts to ponder, they design their comments to be disruptive, and I, for one, finally got sick of it. That being said, any comment laced with what I feel to be distastful or disruptive language, or seems to be written for the sole purpose to incite rather than add to the conversation or debate, will be deleted, no questions asked. I will not delete a comment for the sole reason of it disagreeing with me - but I will no longer tolerate trolls. I prefer not to have to talk about this again, so liberal trolls who are here for the pure reason to disrupt and incite, bug out of here.

Finally, Alec Baldwin has considered himself a political compass and beacon of tolerance. He likes to slam us with his socialistic views, and proudly proclaims himself as a socialist.

Alec has forgotten that the public has an eye on him, and oh did he mess up on this one.

He tore into his daughter on the phone (in a voice mail message) that bordered on abuse. I've yelled at my kids, but this was downright despicable.

Alec said: "Once again, I have made an ass of myself trying to get to a phone, you've made me feel like shit and you have insulted me for the last time...I'm going to straighten your ass out"

His daughter is 12 years old.

And as the message progresses, he goes on to call her a pig, among other things.

You've got to listen to the clip to believe it.

Listen to it here.
Audio Clip is courtesy of Smoke Signals Blog.

This rant and rave against his daughter will be discussed by Mrs. Pistachio (who is 2 months from receiving her Psychology Degree), along with a dissection of what happened at Virginia Tech, the U.K.'s decision to ban the term "War on Terror," and the ban on Partial Birth Abortions being upheld by The Supreme Court, on Political Pistachio Radio.

And ATLAS SHRUGS WILL BE MY POINT RADIO'S GUEST after the end of my show. You can't miss it!

The best two hours in Internet Radio.

Saturday at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern is Political Pistachio Radio with yours truly and Mrs. Pistachio (who rocks!) Then at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern will be My Point Radio starring Dave and Jenn with their special guest Atlas Shrugs (and Gunny John will chime in as well).


Anonymous said...

Don't apologize - don't qualify. It's your site. Do as you please. Mudslick and Neurotic Tom are better gone.

kris said...

ditto what skydiverrick said!

PS I am intrigued to her Mrs P's take on Alec Baldwin.

For what it's worth, I think it's not so much the words he's said- it's the threatening way he said them.

I am still getting my head around anyone threatening a little girl. He's a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I never post as anon - but will on this post because this is so personal.

I had a father who talked to me that way - it is not an isolated event, trust me. This kind of abuse is just as destructive as the physical kind - actually, I would have prefered being hit. He will apologize, then gently make her feel it was her fault, and eventually loose it again.

I am decades removed from my father's abuse, but when I heard that tape, I felt 12 again and, oh, so vulnerable. The cruelty of that will be with her the rest of her life.

As for Mudkitty, I have seen her run off of numerable blogs for exactly the reasons you did. She hijacks the topic and changes it and gets people riled up. She never answers questions, but poses them, then ignores the answers. She quotes things incorrectly and often.

Since you said you were still reading this, why don't you start your own blog, Mudkitty?

Anonymous said...

Doug, do as you wish with your own blog. Complaints from libs (I view Kris' previous comments as constructive criticism) about who you allow to comment are just another method of guilting you into surrendering your own beliefs and ideas.

I've been seeing this theme with greater frequency these days. People demanding that other's blogs are some kind of debate forum where one must allow opposing points of view. I find it indicative of the socialist mentality where everything must be shared equally, otherwise you are some kind of fascist Nazi goose-stepping in synch with evil Republicans. Gasp!

Crapkitty start her own blog? I highly doubt she has the intelligence and intestinal fortitude for it.

I'm looking forward to this afternoon's Blog Talk programming schedule.

kris said...

Dear Anon

Thanks for calling into the show last night and for your honesty about what happened to you; and the lengths you have had to go through, as an adult, to work past it.

I agree that calling a spade a spade and by labelling angry Alec's behaviour as psycological abuse, others at the receiving end can know that they are not alone and get help. God knows Alec never will.

Thank you for sharing such an intimate and painful part of your past with us. I admire you.

Anonymous said...

Kris -
Thank you. I just hope this sordid event helps just one child feel that it is not their fault.

kris said...

or maybe adult. ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Indigo Red said...

Well, so you were saying the same thing about liberal hijackers. And I see you have the Queen of the Litter here. I wholeheartedly agree with Anon above. Mudkitty doesn't answer Qs, but ignors them. When pressed to answer she gets the answers wrong 100% of the time. I've posed several Qs to her on my blog and she couldn't answer any even with big hints.

You're right, Henry, she isn't smart enough and she needs a dictionary. I simply delete all comments with MK on them without ever reading them - summary deletion, although I prefer Summery Deletion because like the season, it so pleasant.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ask that many times to MK, with no response anon.
Do a google or a Yahoo search on her, punch in mudkitty and she is all over the blogs doing the same thing.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Thanks for making the point, CrapKitty. Too stupid to post a working link.

Anonymous said...
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