Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The North American Union

Tonight I watched the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. As an Angels of Anaheim fan it was gratifying to see the American League win (again), Frankie Rodriguez to get the save, and for Vladimir Guerrero to win the Home Run Derby the day before.

How interesting, though. Guerrero is from the Dominican Republic. Rodriguez is Venezuelan. And the Most Valuable Player of the game was Ichiro Suzuki from Japan.

America's Pasttime?

Okay, fine, I can handle players from around the world playing baseball in America. Baseball is loved around the world and to make it to the Major Leagues is the dream of many.

Then I came across an article from Newsmax that made me wonder how long baseball as an American pasttime, and America for that matter as its own sovereign nation, truly has left in existance. It just amazes me that there are those out there, Republicans (Bush and friends) especially, that wishes for the death of America in the hopes to bring into being The North American Union.

Perhaps it won't happen in my lifetime, but that's not the point. Our children deserve to enjoy the same free USA that we experienced, not some socialistic union that wants to be just like Europe's failed experiment.

Read the article from Newsmax HERE.

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