Tuesday, October 30, 2007

2007 Valour-IT Competition

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Valour-IT has had a great year of fundraising, but the needs of the wounded continue, and our coffers are empty.

Just in time, because the 2007 Valour-IT Veterans Day Fundraising Competition begins on Monday, October 29. Last year a merry band of milbloggers and friends raised over $230,000 dollars. This year, need among the wounded hasn't changed, with as many as 100 laptops going out each month. But every year, the amazing bloggers who participated have exceeded Valour-IT's wildest hopes. Let's do it again!

Here's the who, what, where, when, why and how of the competition:

Who: Bloggers of any and all stripes who support the U.S. Military

What: Raising $240,000 ($60,000/team) for Project Valour-IT,

Where: Starting on the blogs, then spreading through your community and into major media

When: Monday, 29 October through Saturday, 11 November (Veterans Day)

Why: Because reconnecting the wounded with the world is a vital part of their recovery

How: Signing up for your favorite military branch, blogging, auctioning, emailing, and spreading the news

For more info, see the important competition websites listed below.

Team Leaders: Blackfive - Army, Chaotic Synaptic Activity - Navy/Coast Guard, Mudville Gazette - Air Force, SA Holly Aho - Marine Corps

Official Website: history and background on Valour-IT, official donation info

Bulletin Board: general competition info, tech help, team planning, announcements, etc.

Auction Site: donated items for sale

Project Blog: background, interesting links, daily donation tracking, public relations

So, what're ya waitin' for?! Need inspiration? Poke around here, check the "Selected Valour-IT Posts" in the sidebar of Fuzzilicious Thinking or click on the "Valour-IT" category on Fuzzilicious.

Let's make this happen! There are wounded men and women out there who need us, and to whom we owe so much.

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