Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pushing the Boundaries, in the name of our children

Democrats and Republicans alike wish to convince us that the programs, services, regulations and governmental control that they would like to place upon us is important because in the end it's for the children.

Who can argue with that? We love our children, don't we?

President Bush is still defending his big government bureaucracy, The No Child Left Behind Act, and refuses to accept any program that lessens the accountability of the teachers and schools under the program. After all, it's for the children. Of course, nobody tells you about how the program penalizes schools who fall short, placing them in a worse position, nor does anybody remember that schools are a state issue and the federal government has no business reaching its tentacles into the system. Instead of pumping money into the school system, perhaps we should just teach them to spend responsibly, and create more accountability - - - and use something that has worked well in the United States - good ol' competition. Bring on the voucher system so that Private Schools and Public Schools are more competitive against each other. I guarantee that under the threat of losing students to private schools, the public school system would straighten out their act quick.

S-CHIP, the bill designed to provide health care for children in families that make too much money for welfare style programs, and too little to afford private health care, looks to be vetoed by President Bush. But why? Isn't it for the children? Of course, I don't think it is really about the children. I think this is just the first step towards control, and a universal health system. The funding is coming primarily from cigarette taxes. But think about this. If cigarette taxes are being increased to fund such programs, that in turn makes cigarettes more expensive. When I was a smoker, as cigarettes got more expensive, my habit slowed down because they became more difficult to afford. Eventually, I wound up quitting. Granted, the primary reason was medical, but the financial part played a hand in it as well. So, as the price goes up, people smoke less, meaning they buy less, and the raised taxes don't do much if the amount of cigarettes being sold drops. Also, there is a concerted effort in the United States to stop smokers from being able to smoke. In fact, in California Governor Schwarzenegger has signed legislation making it illegal to smoke in a vehicle carrying children. And yes, I agree that is healthier for the kids, but is it for the kids, or yet another way to control citizens and their freedoms? Anyhow, with such a strong push to get smoking abolished, isn't it foolish to depend on smokers to pay for something like health care? Where does the money come from after everyone quits? I'll tell you where from - - - your hard earned tax dollars.

Oops. Are taxes going up again?

References to God or Christ in our school system cannot be made due to the current idea of separation of Church and State currently being enforced by many of America's Atheists, New Age Aquarians, and certain members of the leftwing branch of politics. "After all," they say, "we don't want our children's minds poisoned by those dangerous Christians." Besides, like my Aquarian cousin says, "Christianity is archaic, out of date, and by its very existence created the radical and violent arms of Islam, which is otherwise a peaceful religion. After all, do you really believe that those people over there love their children any less than you love yours?" Besides, Christianity is so offensive to so many people. Right? And since God is so offensive, the government is actively trying to do whatever it takes to snuff God out of society - beginning the process of elimination right there in Washington D.C. Nancy Pelosi, our enlightened House Speaker, is currently removing references to God from the official certificates that accompany U.S. flags flown over the capital. Meanwhile, as Christianity is being eliminated from society, with the goal by the oppressors of Christianity to be worshipped in the back rooms of dark homes, and for all evidence of Christianity to be eliminated (now, it's the crosses on hills - next it'll be crosses in front of churches), apparently Islam is receiving the exact opposite treatment. Could you imagine the uproar if Christians asked to decorate the Empire State Building for Christmas from top to bottom? Well, that will never happen. Yet, not far from where Muslim terrorists attacked the United States on September 11, 2007, the Empire State Building is being decorated to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid, the biggest festival in the Muslim calendar marking the end of Ramadan. Muslim leaders have been warning Christian leaders that unless Christians convert to Islam, the end of the world is coming. Meanwhile, worldwide news is grim. A Christian was found dead after being publicly beaten and tortured by Islamic gunmen in the Gaza Strip. Where's the outrage? Where's the media coverage? In Austria a Muslim man shot his colleague and sliced off his penis in an honor killing. And the Left worries about Christians?

It's no wonder that Islamic Terrorists endorse Hillary Clinton for the 2008 Election.

The anti-war crowd proclaims that by being a bunch of war mongers those that support the war effort have lost their ability to love, and to seek a peaceful world, not only for ourselves, but for our children. In fact, Code Pink says, ". . . love may be what has been missing in the ending of this war -- love for our children, for our country, love for the enemy too." However, notice that the enemy uses their own children to attack our troops and anyone else that is non-Muslim. Until the day comes that mothers in Islam love their children more than their ideology, Jihad against us will continue.

And those rightwing radio hosts pose a danger to our way of life, some may tell you, and they must not be allowed to spew such nonsense on the airwaves. After all, we don't want their hatred to poison the minds of our precious children, right? With the Fairness Doctrine, the Left figures they can take away the freedom of speech by anyone that disagrees with them.

And Ann Coulter is going around trying to convert everyone to Christianity. Everyone is up in arms about it. First of all, don't forget that first of all 90% of the time what she says is an attempt to shock and awe - but here's what I think. She's trying to make a point. She's going around saying everyone ought to convert to Christianity to get everyone up in arms, only to prove that if someone says people ought to convert to Christianity it's offensive and a bad thing to say (in the eyes of our Politically Correct society). However, society seems to think that it's perfectly okay for Islam to threaten to slice off heads if one doesn't convert to Islam. After all, we couldn't possibly say anything against it, right? Oh, jeez, we may offend somebody or something.

And we can't have guns anywhere near our children because they go on rampages if their feelings get hurt (even at the university level). You know what I've learned? Kids that grow up around guns respect weapons and are less likely to do something stupid with a weapon. And besides, when was the last time you ever saw a gun kill anybody? Saying guns kill is like saying pencils misspell words. Ludicrous.

Oh, and did I mention we have to be tolerant of everyone different from us to the point that we have to bend over backwards to make concessions for them as is New York City by illuminating the Empire State Building to help celebrate a Muslim holiday. Oh, yeah, I did.

After all, we are a free nation, and we wish to keep the peace for our children.

It's all for our precious children.

How can one argue against these things? To do so means that you don't love the children, members of the leftwing may say. Besides, I have been reminded by them often, doesn't it say in the Bible that we are supposed to take care of the sick, feed the poor, and care for our children?

In fact, one particular leftwinger had the audacity at one point to post on one of my Christian sites that Jesus Christ healed the sick, fed the hungry, and provided for the poor - making him the first socialist liberal.
Free will is a wonderful gift. God, through His infinite wisdom, gave us the ultimate gift of free will. But, just because we can do something, doesn't mean we should. Throughout American History Christianity has provided moral standards that have assisted America in being not only a great nation, but a nation of great moral values. And the Left is correct to a point. We should provide for those less fortunate, but not through some program that taxes us into poverty.

Nor should we invite our sworn enemy to spread his propaganda on our shore only a short distance from his comrade's attack against us.


Because this is not an enemy like any we have seen before. Muslims see such moves as a weakness, and a reason to make the next move against us. By giving the enemy the concessions we are currently giving them, and by Congress screaming for a pull-out in Iraq and doing things like trying to cut funding to our troops, we are emboldening the enemy. Jihadists see such moves as evidence of weakness, and it places them into a position of strength against the West. By doing this, we are essentially welcoming another opportunity by Jihadists to hit us again.

And as we fear our enemies, Congress wishes to damage our relationships with allies and nations friendly to the U.S. such as in the case of the House of Representatives move to recognize officially WWI-Era Armenian Killings as Genocide. The resolution may be technically correct, but the timing is horrendous, and damaging to our effort in that region. Perhaps that's why Congress did it. It's amazing the lengths they go to in their effort to secure defeat.

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