Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A True American Hero talks about. . .

Sgt. Marco Martinez is a true American Hero. The recipient of the Navy Cross, the second highest honor a United States Marine can receive, was on The Andrea Shea King Show with Andrea and myself last night. Sgt. Martinez, on the show, explained his rough beginnings in the gangs, his early days in the United States Marines, and the eerie event in horrific detail that led to his medal. He also discusses with Andrea and me the importance of our presence in Iraq, the importance of the camaraderie among the troops, why it is important for our troops to receive a hero's welcome when they return from overseas, his personal expectations before going overseas, the nature of the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan, his harsh opinion of the mainstream media, and the ever changing Rules of Engagement that, though such rules may be in writing, changes day to day because of constant pressure from the politicians and mainstream media. Sgt. Martinez wrote HARD CORPS: From Gangster to American Hero. Listen to last night's Andrea Shea King Show on BlogTalkRadio. You will be amazed by what Sgt. Martinez has to say.

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