Saturday, December 08, 2007

Debate with Tom, Round 2

A while back I asked that liberal blogger, Tom, that used to troll around Political Pistachio, and the very same liberal blogger that loves to talk junk on me on his site, onto my radio show to do a little debating. It was fun. However, the last debate was not structured very well, and was more like a conversation between he and I.

Today, Tom returns for round 2, with my good friend Loki moderating again. This time, however, there will be two differences. First, Mrs. Pistachio is going to be on the line with us to assist me in the debate, and secondly, I have questions I will specifically pose to Tom.

The questions are:

What is your position on immigration and how can we fix it?

Do you favor or oppose legalized abortion in the United States, and why?

What is your feelings on the idea of man-made Global Warming?

Do you favor or oppose a constitutional amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman? Why?

Should federal funding of embryonic stem cell research be expanded?

Is this a Christian Nation and what is your opinion on the idea of the Separation of Church and State?

Hmmmm, this may get interesting. Tune in today at 7pm Eastern Time to Political Pistachio Radio for the fun.

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