Friday, December 28, 2007

Pakistani Opposition Leader Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

Pakistan's former Prime Minister, and only female leader in history, Benaizir Bhutto, was assassinated today. She was shot in the neck and chest at a campaign rally, and then the attacker blew himself up killing at least 20 other people.

Bhutto and her husband, Asif Ali Zardari, were recently convicted by a Pakistani court on corruption charges, but considering the fact that Bhutto is a woman leader in an Islamic country trying to change the status quo, I believe it may very well be that the charges were fabricated, or at least inflated.

Nonetheless, Bhutto was a champion for Democracy, and a precious American asset. It is believed the assassination was orchestrated by al-Qaida. This killing of the 54 year old two-time prime minster has triggered mass protests and violence across Pakistan. The concern is over the fact that Pakistan is home to 60 nuclear warheads, and if the Islamic Jihad gains control over the country during this time of chaos, a marriage of those nuclear warheads with Iran's recently purchased Surface to Air Missile system from Russia is a strong possibility.

Current president Musharaf may not have to endure an election only ten days away since it is likely the election will be postponed due to this assassination and the unrest in Pakistan. With Bhutto gone, Musharaf is undoubtedly the next target. The United States has supplied Musharaf with billions of dollars in aid in order to keep him in power so that he may stave off the Jihadists, but for the most part he has been simply paying us lip service. Jihadists have infiltrated Pakistan's military and secret police, and now that they have assassinated Bhutto, Musharaf no doubt has a huge bull's eye on his back. If Musharaf doesn't get in line with NATO and the U.S. soon he may wind up in a pine box himself, and Pakistan, and her 60 nuclear warheads, may wind up in the hands of the Islamic Jihad.

9/11 is a walk in the park compared to what we may face if the Jihadists get their hands on nuclear weapons.

Political Pistachio Radio made Bhutto's assassination the topic of conversation last night.

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