Sunday, December 02, 2007

Truly Nuts

So I am sitting here eating pistachios and downing a nice, cold Dr. Pepper, and the piles of paperwork on my desk has risen to an unreal stack of clutter. In the piles of articles are stories that shock and amaze me. So, since I have the time tonight after watching a wonderful production of "Handel's Messiah" by a remarkable choir that includes our good friend over at Prying1, I thought I'd write a few posts.

Be My Little Teddy Bear is a post I wrote regarding the British teacher jailed for allowing her class to name a Teddy Bear Muhammad.

NFL is disappointing and unamerican is a post I wrote about the NFL deciding not to start a Monday Night Football game with the National Anthem.

Turkey Moves into Iraq is a post I wrote that discusses actions by the Turkish Military against Kurdish Rebels in Iraq.

And don't forget that I post on Political Pistachio Radio Blog about upcoming shows, and post videos almost daily on Political Pistachio Videos.

And for those of you searching for Christian Posts, I also post often on my Carried By Christ blog.

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