Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Criticize Homosexuality, Lose Your Job

After writing a column critical of gay rights in a local publication, an administrator for the University of Toledo was fired. The column was in response to another column written a couple weeks earlier that was pro-gay. In response, the President of the University of Toledo wrote his own column to distance the fired administrator's views from those of the University.

Perhaps the parent being banned from dropping off or pick up his children from school; attending his children's sports events or other school activities; meeting with his children's teachers at parent-teacher conferences; attending or participating in school committee meetings; or even voting on election day at his local polling place, a public school because he criticized and requested his child be removed from the teaching of the gay agenda, is something that will catch our attention. How crazy is it that he wanted to protect his child from what he felt was against his belief system, and this happened. Could you imagine the outcry if the circumstances had been reversed? In this case, specifically: A no-trespass order issued against him by the school – which includes all district property – is "simply an intimidation tactic" against anyone who might protest the school's pro-homosexual policies regarding elementary school children.

On KFMB AM Radio a little over a week ago I heard a story about how a mother is under investigation for a hate crime because her child asked her about homosexuality, she stated being gay is a sin, and then when the child repeated it at school the teacher turned in the parent for a hate crime.

How long before, under the guise of Hate Crime Laws, will it be until the government is knocking down your door to take away your Bible because they consider it to be a hate crime document because it proclaims homosexuality is a sin?

How many freedoms must we lose before Americans recognize the insanity?

Orwell's 1984?

Hmmmmm. Thought Crime Legislation is on its way.

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