Friday, May 23, 2008

Wild Weather in Southern California

During an onslaught of rain, hail, and snow, tornadoes touched down in the Inland Empire not far from where I live derailing a train and overturning a big rig.

I joked around with friends saying, "It must be that Global Warming thing." Of course the joke is funny because the average temperature of the earth has been dropping over the last eight years. In fact, that so-called "concensus" is not a consensus after all. The Convenient Truth is a lie, and according to The Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, the myth of man-made global warming is unceremoniously being put to bed. And, about 31,000 scientists have signed a petition endorsing their findings that man-made global warming is a lie.

Tonight, after a week of hot weather, I stood in the rain at a sidewalk rally near a booksigning by Laura Bush. This "Free Ramos and Compean" rally on the sidewalks outside the bookstore where Mrs. Bush was signing compies of her book was truly fascinating. The rally was manned by an eclectic group of nationalities and personalities, all banded together to stop illegal immigration, and the governmental practice of not securing our borders. I interviewed a number of the folks. I plan to play the audio of the interviews of these fine Americans on my Memorial Day broadcast of Political Pistachio Radio, after a segment in which I thank our troops, living and dead, for their sacrifices for the liberty of this nation. On that broadcast I may also discuss how the drug cartels are taking control of Mexico, and how the anti-gun liberal left is blaming the violence in Mexico on American Gun Manufacturers. Hey, liberals, remember, Castro, Stalin and Hitler took away the guns of the people in order to better control the populace - - - what's your reason for wanting to take our guns?

Damn, I fell short of my gold star (barely) - - - huh? Sorry. . . Inside Joke.

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