Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Test of Wills - Liberalism and Islamism versus Liberty and Judeo-Christian Values

Tyranny is extraordinarily predictable. Whether you call it communism, fascism, socialism, liberalism, progressivism, or Islamism, the only difference is the packaging. The central issue is control. Control over your actions, your economics, your speech, your ability to defend yourself, your religion - control over life itself.

The continuous shuffling of determining how much they can get away with, how they plan to sell it, if the society being attacked has been sufficiently groomed from within, and how to implement the policy or ideology, is a constant for tyrannical agendas. History to those that promote these tyrannical agendas is of little consequence, for history can be revised. The adults that value liberty are but a small obstacle to these tyrants, they can be replaced with children that have been sufficiently indoctrinated through a changing society and the schools. Government is but a bump in the road to tyranny, it can be infiltrated and burdened to the point that the people begin to demand change - not realizing the change on the horizon is tyranny. And tyranny holds little hope for anything.

America, for the first time in her short history, is at a serious crossroads. Two tyrannical ideologies are vying for control, and they are both using each other to gain the upper hand. Both liberalism and Islamism are determined to gain control in America, and both are using methods made famous by one, Karl Marx.

Socialism has made a number of attempts at replacing the American System. Each time, the people of the United States has rejected it, and for good reason, not realizing that each time it happened, a little bit of the ideology lingered, and infused itself into society. Now, the liberal left is making a strong push to implement their socialist agenda, knowing that over the years much of it has become societally accepted, and knowing that the people are ripe for socialism. They don't care if their policies don't make sense, are not practical, or actually fails to improve people's lives. All of that is secondary to the liberal-socialist agenda. Expense is of no consequence to them - The people can be taxed. Legality is of no concern - they are slowly changing the judicial system to contain judges that are in their back pocket. The truth does not matter - if a lie is told often enough (i.e. Bush lied) people will begin to accept it as truth. History will not interfere - it can be revised.

Liberal policies are extremely expensive, difficult to implement, helps no one, and chips away at the freedoms we hold so dear in this nation - and then they slap a sign that says "nice," or "fair," or "diverse," or "politically correct" on it to make it acceptable, and even desired, by the populace. Unfortunately, the people do not read the fine print where it says, "Dishonest - A danger to your liberty. Can be harmful, if implemented, to your way of life." It is no surprise that liberals are willing to go to unimaginable lengths to tilt the political playing field in their favor, using a biased media, infiltrating the school system to indoctrinate the kids, and supporting judges that turn their back on the U.S. Constitution and place their liberal goals first.

Their tactics are nothing new. Liberal disruption of conservative speeches on college campuses, the attempt to drive conservatism off the radio with the Fairness Doctrine, targeting their opponents with criminal charges without a shred of evidence (and even gaining no conviction) to ruin their good name and push them out of the arena (as they did with Tom DeLay), and even talking about jailing members of the Bush Administration for policy differences after they are out of office, are all methods that run in line with tactics used by Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Ahmadinejad, and Hugo Chavez.

And as they thirst for total control of the United States, they refuse to confront an even larger and more dangerous enemy, Islam. Why not? Because Islam is the enemy of liberalism's enemy, and so for a short time, the two ideologies will use each other to destroy and remove conservatism, and any vestige of the Christian God.

Over the last 1400 years, 270 million non-believers have been murdered by Musim Jihadists. History refuses to recognize that the Crusades were a response to an Islamic attempt to overtake the Holy Land and Europe. Instead, the revisionists of history have painted the Crusades as a dark period of Christianity, and one that paints Christians as more vile than the Islamic barbarians.

Even today the warped images are propagated. Islam is being portrayed as a peaceful and tolerant religion, as Christians are being labeled as war-like and intolerant. Never mind that the scriptural text of Christianity (specifically, the Holy Bible) teaches patience, humility, and love, while the Koran supports each and every violent behavior of the Islamic Jihadists. History, if studied carefully, proves that Islam is far from being a peaceful, or tolerant, ideology.

Non-Muslims, and specifically Jews and Christians, have always been persecuted under Islam. In fact, Islam is based upon an intense hatred of non-Muslims. Anybody they encounter must either convert to Islam or face execution. Some are allowed to live by not converting. These people must only submit to Muslim authority to avoid forced conversion or death. They become dhimmis, a protected, but inferior, non-Muslim status. However, this is not a permanent status, and death eventually comes to even a dhimmi. 100,000 dead Lebanese Christians, and Israel's besieged Jewish population, have discovered this over the years. Islamic guarantees, agreements, and treaties are worthless.

Islam is using Liberalism just as the liberals are using Islam. Liberalism's cry for unlimited diversity and tolerance is being taken advantage of by Islam, and they are slowly infiltrating our society. Europe has been Islamized even farther, and civil wars for Muslim control are on the horizon. In Europe, at a public school, two kids were placed on detention for refusing to pray to Allah. In America, as "One Nation Under God" is being questioned, Islam is bleeding into the system. It turns out that Islam is using Western liberal democracies to infiltrate from within, knowing that the West may be subverted without firing a shot (or at least for now - after all, al-Qaeda is in disarray, and from a military standpoint there is a lot of optimism in the global war on terrorism. Islam has recognized this as well, and have simply shifted the war to a different arena for the time being). Meanwhile, Islam is positioning itself to pull in the nations on her periphery. Suicide bombings in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and a gunfight at the U.S. Consulate in Turkey is evidence that those nations not under the fold are being pulled in. And all of this as Iran begins testing its missiles, and flexing its muscles. Preparation to respond to a liberal in the White House is underway. Preparation to move into Iraq as American troops pull out (if Obama winds up elected) are being planned. And then after that, the attempt to cause The West to collapse will ensue.

Islam is not prepared for political change from within, and will not change suddenly into a peaceful ideology. They have one goal, and one only. Destruction of all that is not Muslim - and especially the elimination of Israel and Christianity.

This is a test of wills. Are Conservatives up for the fight? Or are you going to stay home and hope it all goes away?

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