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After The Interview With Dr. Jerry Corsi

Friday night on Political Pistachio Radio Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of "The Obama Nation, Leftist Politics And The Cult of Personality," was my guest. He was on for about a half an hour, after which time he lost his cell phone signal. He was giving me this interview while travelling on a train to Washington D.C.

At the beginning of the program I asked Dr. Corsi about the criticisms The Obama Nation has been receiving. I pointed out how liberals and conservatives alike have been hammering it, saying that the book has untruths in it that, in their opinion, make it nothing more than just another attempt to use smear tactics to discredit Barack Obama. I pointed out that Media Matters and Hugh Hewitt are for once in agreement on something. The Next Right wrote a blistering criticism of Corsi, calling him a "smear artist," and "embarrassing for conservatives."

I also brought up Debbie Schlussel's past criticisms of him, to the point that she has accused him of plagiarism, and Corsi said simply, "Well, I don't read Debbie anymore."

Dr. Corsi was immediately on the defense when the interview delved deeper into the criticisms of The Obama Nation, proclaiming that he doesn't know "why" the response is as it is, after all, "I am no psychiatrist." Media Matters, as recently as face to face with Corsi on Larry King Live, has been one of the left leaning sites that have been most critical of the book, and in response, Corsi said, "I don't read Media Matters. If asked would I rather read Media Matters, Debbie Schlussel, or jump off a tall building, I'm gonna ask you, 'well, how tall's the building?' Because it is the best choice of the three." He later said, "This group of radical leftists paid by [George] Soros with a mission to discredit conservatives, this isn't the kind of group I think we should feel compelled to be answering all the time. Our side seems to think, 'Well, I don't want to be criticized, we don't wanna look bad.' The more Media Matters criticizes me, the better I like it, and the less I intend to read it. . . we can talk about Media Matters about as long as I can tolerate it, and I'm already close to my limit."

When I mentioned that Media Matters has gone into questioning a lot of items in the book, meaning to state that they have detailed individual items as falsehoods, Corsi quickly responded, "Who cares. I don't care. . . my comment on Media Matters is, Who Cares?" Later in the show he also added, "I think that Media Matters wouldn't know a serious flaw if it bit 'em in the behind. I can't stand Media Matters. I don't think Media Matters does anything of worth. . . If you think there's a serious flaw, what is it? When you mention Media Matters, I am thinking that I am wasting my time listening for the next two minutes. . . if you want to talk to me about Media Matters, I'm out."

When the Obama Campaign was mentioned, Dr. Corsi proclaimed, "Barack Obama's people don't want people reading what's in this book," because it's "over the target."

He was also careful to explain that he is not some cocktail drinking Washington Elitist, saying: "I'm not a part of the Washington Establishment...name dropping, Washington, cocktail party establishment, and I'm never gonna be a part of that, because that is not who I am."

In defense of the accusation of Jerome Corsi appearing Sunday on the show, The Political Cesspool, which is being called by Media Matters an example of Jerome Corsi associating with White Supremacists since the show's host is admittedly pro-White and has stated in the past that "Interracial sex is white genocide," Jerome Corsi responded: "Appearing on a show is not an endorsement of the host. . . I do a 120 shows, and do most of the shows that come to me. If I had to agree with every talk show host. . . I'd never go on any shows. Being on a show does not mean I endorse a host's views. . . I have even been on Liberal shows, and I sure don't endorse them."

When I stated in the interview that I agree with him for the most part regarding his theories regarding "The North American Union Conspiracy," Jerry responded with a smile in his voice, "That'll make you a nut to those guys, you better be careful about agreeing with me about anything."

Tony Rezko was brought up near the latter part of the interview, and when asked about Rezko, Dr. Corsi became more comfortable in the interview, and began to show me his skills as the investigative reporter he has become so known for. The connections between Obama, Iraq, and Rezko is staggering, according to Dr. Corsi. The timing of the deal regarding Obama's property is more than coincidental. He said in the interview, "It certainly looks more than suspicious. And now Obama is trying to explain how all of this relates. And what is the relationship? I don't know if I was working with anybody, first of all, I can't imagine that I would ever want to be associated with someone like Rezko, let alone taking campaign contributions from him, or, um, letting him be involved in buying a property with me. I'm asking -- what I am saying is, I am not definitively concluding anything, I'm just saying that these questions aren't being sufficiently asked in the Chicago newspaper's research, they are reporting them. I'm asking the same questions the Chicago papers are asking, which Obama has not truly answered. To answer them fully, you might need the authority of a prosecutor. You might need the authority of a criminal investigator. You might even need the authority of a Grand Jury."

What has risen is questions that are not being answered, and that is what Jerry Corsi is trying to do with this book. The anger about his book, Corsi claimed on Political Pistachio Radio, is because he's asking questions that the left may not want to answer. He is raising questions, and in response his attackers are claiming he is saying that each of those questions are his definitive argument. Specifically, Corsi said, "I'm an investigative reporter saying, 'Okay, here's the issue,' and I'm raising a question about [these issues]. Now, I'm not a prosecutor, I don't have subpoena power. I don't have grand jury power. I can't tell testimony. But, you know, if I were in those positions, I might well consider doing so. [But,] I'm not. I'm an investigative reporter. I just raise questions. And I don't say anywhere in the book, I don't say anything definitive about it more than 'this looks suspicious.' There are some things that are pretty definitive. You know, I'm positive that the Frank in Dreams of my Father is Frank Marshall Davis, but even in his rebuttal it confirms that. I don't think there is any question that Frank is Frank Marshall Davis, we've established that. Now, whether the loan was involved in the purchase of the Obama dream property, I can't say for sure one way or the other. I just ask questions."

Dr. Corsi also told me on the show that it is hard to understand this man, meaning Obama. He has enough intelligence to get a Harvard Law Degree, but he can't figure out in twenty minutes that something was not right with Rezko.

In short, this book raises questions on particular issues, suggests evidence to what the answer to the questions may be, to the extent that there are some serious problems with Obama's character and history, but Barack Obama won't answer the questions. Usually, when he does respond to these questions, the response is either a lie, or a different tale from the last time he answered the question. Obama doesn't like the fact that he is being associated with people like Rezko or Ayers. It's not that he regrets the connections, he simply regrets they have been found out, and is now trying to talk his way out of these alleged connections with criminals, communists and terrorists.

Corsi believes he has provided more than enough evidence in this book to substantiate many of the questions raised in The Obama Nation. Corsi asks, "Why did it take Obama so long to conclude that Rezko was a shady character?" As I brought up later in the interview, it goes along with allowing twenty years before he decided his pastor was a racist, anti-American blow-hard. And Obama only made the decision to separate himself from Wright when the pressure to do so became too great.

Did you miss the show? Check out the archive of the program HERE.

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