Tuesday, August 26, 2008

American Flights Suffer Communication Glitch - Massive Communication Problems - Flight Delays Expected Nationwide

An FAA Communication Failure has arisen in the Eastern U.S., originating in Atlanta, Georgia. Flights across the country will be affected by the failure.

With 5,700 flights in the air, flights are being brought down because of this sudden glitch that has affected all of the flight plans. Air traffic controllers are battling to keep an eye on all flights, but are successful so far.

Major delays should be expected.

The FAA does not know what is the cause of this system-wide glitch. There are no concerns of planes crashing into each other.

Delays are becoming widespread, and should be expected until the problem passes, the system comes back online, or the problem is figured out.

Once again, the Computer that handles flight planes is down, planes are landing, none are taking off. No Flight Plan, No Flights. Much of the FAA system is crippled. However, at this point the Western States have not been affected, and flights to other western locations are still taking off. However, airports across the nation that are not currently experiencing delays, will before the end of the day.

FAA officials say they have not lost communication with the flights themselves, and Homeland Security says that there is no terrorist connection.


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