Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bubba, Biden, and Barack - Democratic National Convention's Killer B's

On Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention, as Hillary Clinton took the stage hoping to convince her supporters (and probably the PUMA/Just Say No Deal - Hillary Supporters movement too) to support Barack Obama, Bill Clinton mouthed the words "I Love You" over and over and over. The CNN cameras were sure to capture Bill Clinton mouthing the words. At first thought I figured he'd caught the eye of a young intern somewhere. . . maybe not. Interesting how the most notorious cheating husband suddenly loves his wife during the Democratic National Convention - at a time when the party is trying to proclaim they are unified, and everyone is just one big, happy, loving liberal family.

Day three at the convention was much more interesting.

Unlike Obama, Joe Biden does well without a teleprompter. The bulldog was quick to say he was friends with McCain, but ripped at the GOP Presidential Nominee nonetheless. As expected, Biden essentially called McCain's possible term as simply a third Bush term. Last I checked, Bush was not on the ballot, and McCain is known as "The Maverick" for bucking the GOP leadership. Sounds like more of the same old "Everything is Bush's fault, and any Republican is simply a Bush-bot" rhetoric. Jeez, Joe, can't you come up with something original, and of substance?

After Biden told the crowd about his mom telling him to bloody bully's noses when he was a kid, it made me wonder why he, and his Democratic colleagues, wish to do the opposite in the face of Islamic Terror.

Bill Clinton was able to keep his eyes to himself long enough to deliver a speech that some folks are calling "redemption." However, the speech was more like Bill taking the opportunity to get his "digs" in, and talk about himself. Bill, being the self-serving person he has always been, used most of his speech to talk about Bill, his administration, his wife's campaign. . . and somewhere in there he was able to fit in "unity" and "vote for Obama" and "Obama's ready." In fact, Obama's lack of experience was one of the things that Clinton keyed in on. He reminded the frothing Democrats that he also was considered to be inexperienced when he ran for president. Bill said it like his presidency was something wonderful, rather than the train-wreck it truly was. To try to combat such a statement, Clinton supporters often run to welfare reform as one of Clinton's greatest accomplishments during his presidency. Problem is, the welfare reform bill was a Republican creation, and Bill Clinton vetoed it the first time.

Then Obama surprised everyone by showing up in person at the convention. "The Celebrity/Light Worker/Great One is here" stunt had the crowd in tears as they applauded endlessly. I was half expecting Obama's surprise appearance to become a Democratic Spritual revival -- "Oh, my goodness, His Lord the Obamassiah has graced us with his surprise presence" (faint, cry, kneel, throw your hands in the air).

And as expected, Obama sucked up the moment to act the part, arrogance and all, without ever saying anything of substance.

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