Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Call From The Republican National Convention on Political Pistachio Radio

Every once in a while on Political Pistachio Radio we experience pleasant surprises. Tonight on Political Pistachio Radio, as Mrs. Pistachio and I debated the abortion issue with a panel of callers, Dr. Deborah Honeycutt called in to join the discussion.

Dr. Deborah Honeycutt is running in the 13th district of Georgia for Congress and is in Minnesota to attend the Republican National Convention. Her campaign site on the main page says this: ". . . our United States government is facing a moral crisis. As a country we are in danger of forsaking the moral cornerstone upon which our nation was founded. No longer do many of our leaders make decisions based on constitutional imperatives, time-honored values, or Christian principles. Foundational phrases like “One Nation under God” and “In God We Trust,” which symbolize the genesis of our nation, are daily being assaulted by individuals and organizations with seemingly socialist agendas. Activist judges are virtually making laws from their benches, thereby usurping the powers of our U.S. Congress. Members of Congress are challenging the constitutional powers of the executive branch. The executive branch through utilizing executive orders is making judicial decrees. Where established order is not upheld, there is chaos. The current political chaos does not serve the citizens of our country well."

Listen to the episode of Political Pistachio Radio she called into HERE.

Visit Dr. Honeycutt's site to learn more about her campaign and to donate HERE.

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