Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Under the Big Circus Tent: The Democratic National Convention Kicks Off/DNC Convention Day 1

When I first received word of the Day One lineup at the Democratic National Convention at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, I smiled. I suppose it seemed fitting. What was planned was not nearly as circus-like as what really happened, however.

I reviewed the list of speakers before the convention began, and found it to be consistent with Democrat leanings.

Teddy Kennedy, who would be considered inspirational because of his medical condition, is a longtime far left liberal with a poisonous message of increase government control over the people.

Michelle Obama would be the first potential first lady to headline a convention. What a way to kick it off. Like her fellow Democrats, she has never been proud of her country - or at least not until her husband got a political promotion.

Nancy Pelosi, the queen herself, with her Congress's blistering 9% approval rating, would surely echo Kennedy's cry for more governmental control and restrictions over your life, while recommending the government take more money away from you with increased taxation to pay for their bigger government.

And Jimmy Carter, America's worse president ever, and Islamic Radical hand-holder and grave visitor.

What a line-up!

Michelle Obama and Teddy Kennedy were the bookends of the evening.

Obama's wife said it was time to "stop doubting and start dreaming." She discussed family, growing up, meeting Obama for the first time when they began dating. The hope was that Obama's wife would begin the work of casting Barack Obama as a leader with classic American values, something he has been lacking when people notice his views on traditional marriage and the abortion of millions of unborn children.

Nancy Pelosi called the 2008 Election a historic race, one presenting a choice of two separate paths for America. She said, "One is a path of renewing opportunity and promoting innovation here at home and of greater security and respect throughout the world. It is that path that renews our democracy by bringing us together as one nation under God." It fascinates me how the Democrats hammer Republicans for any mention of God, yet they throw the name of the Creator around with reckless abandon. As for her "greater security" comment, I wonder how the Democrats plan to achieve such while handcuffing and disarming our nation's military.

Pelosi said the Democrats plan to put America on the path of the founders. She fails to realize the founding fathers created this nation with the express intent of limiting the power of the federal government over the people, a belief that is in complete opposition to the intention of the Democratic Party.

Jimmy Carter's presidency was a failure. He has again and again committed treasonous activity overseas, rallying “supine” Europeans to undermine US policy in the Middle East, and complaining about Israel’s nuclear arsenal and their battle to protect their right to exist. Of course he is a speaker at the convention. His is the same as the Marxist liberalism at the party’s ideological core.

But the shock of the night for me was when the leader of a Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization spoke, and received a standing ovation. She was there as a part of their "inter-faith" gathering. Many groups, like the Americans Against Hate, asked the DNC to disinvite Ingrid Mattson, the National President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), from speaking at its Denver convention.

Mattson, who has a history of highly questionable remarks, spoke on the 24th before the interfaith gathering and immediately declared the Democrats to be the party of faith. She received, by the time she was finished numerous standing ovations, and feels that Muslims in the U.S. need to be protected under a victim status and by "hate crimes" legislation. This coming from the same woman who has called for the murder of all Jews and Christians.

Hillary Clinton takes the stage on Day 2. This may be interesting.


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