Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Vicious Attacks Against Sarah Palin - Moms 4 McCain On The Radio!

The attacks from the mainstream media against the Palin family have been vicious and uncalled for. The members of the press, in their attempt to discredit Sarah Palin, are grasping for straws that aren't there. Some on the liberal left, specifically liberal bloggers, will try to compare this as being tactics no different to Conservative articles regarding Obama's eligibility for the presidency, and questions raised regarding the connections he entertains with unscrupulous characters like Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, and Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

The difference is that the questions raised by critics of Obama were raised based on things Obama said, his stance on issues based on what he has said, and on the evidence provided by the Obama Campaign regarding the questions asked regarding his political connections and eligibility. The attacks against Palin are based on rumor and unproven hearsay, and upon family matters that does not concern politics. None of the issues raised regarding Palin should have been politicized.

Palin's husband has not said he is not proud of his country, Sarah Palin's minister is not a radical, anti-American individual teaching an ideology rooted in divisive attitudes, and her family history has been laid out for all to see rather than shrouded in secrecy and uncertainty. Also, the mainstream media has given Obama a pass on every question raised, including his inexperience (which is crucial since he is at the top of the ticket) - yet within the first days of Palin's involvement in the GOP ticket she has been viciously attacked, and her experience has been ruthlessly questioned.

Notice that under the questions raised, by the way, the Obama Campaign responded accusing the Right of being racist, bigoted, and smear merchants for simply raising these questions. Sarah Palin has responded honestly, and graciously - showing her true strength of character - an image of character Barack Obama has failed to unveil.

And in the end, I ask you this: Who do you prefer for your next President and Vice President?

Would you prefer John McCain who is a man who in the face of the horror of being a prisoner of war, when given the chance to be released early, refused because his men and country were more important than himself? A man that has questioned Washington while serving as a politician in D.C., who has vowed to eliminate wasteful government spending? And would you prefer this candidate who is paired with a woman, Sarah Palin, that has worked her way up from the grass roots of real America to become the most popular governor in the country and is known for stamping out corruption and wasteful spending in her state, while being heavily involved in attempting to solve our energy crisis?

Or would you like a President with no foreign policy experience, 143 days of Senate experience before forming a presidential exploratory committee, his main accomplishment is giving a great speech once or twice (which wasn't even written by him, and he needed a teleprompter to deliver it in order to keep from filling the speech with hundreds of "uh"s), who calls a child a punishment rather than a blessing and would snuff out the life of that child should his daughter make the poor decision to allow herself to get pregnant outside of wedlock, whose wife has never been proud of America until her husband got a political promotion in that country, would rather put his hands over his genitals than over his heart when the National Anthem is played, and attended church led by a radical Black Theology teaching pastor claiming that everyone disagrees with his pastor every once in a while rather than recognizing the hate and leaving the church? And do you wish to vote for this man named Barack Obama who fails to answer questions directly, fails to give specifics in his position on issues, and when he does provide any evidence of his positions they contradict his position given the last time he muttered his position? And do you want this inexperienced man known for delivering a great speech he didn't write that he read on a teleprompter, joined by a running mate that, despite the message of "change" by Obama, is hardly anything remotely resembling change, and is instead a 36-year career politician in the U.S. Senate, and is best known for being an attack dog?


Moms For McCain says they'd rather vote for the McCain/Palin Ticket. Join Political Pistachio Radio tonight for an interview with the founder of Moms For McCain at 10 pm Eastern Time.

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