Saturday, October 25, 2008

Founding Truth and Political Pistachio Radio Tonight!

On Founding Truth at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern:

Governor Palin told a class of 3rd Graders tht as Vice President one of her jobs will be to be in charge of the U.S. Senate. . . Was she correct? Or does the United States Constitution say otherwise?

Does Proposition 8 in California, the move for making it a state constitutional amendment that marriage is between a man and a woman, violate the Equal Protection Rights given to citizens under the United States Constitution?

What does "Promote the General Welfare" truly mean? Does it mean that government should take care of the citizens with social programs?

Hawaii's Universal Health Care plan for kids, a voluntary plan, failed in 7 months - and is eerily similar to what Obama is proposing for the entire country! Evidence that his plan is doomed to fail? Why did Hawaii's plan fail? What did it teach us about human nature? Is government paid medical insurance Constitutional?

States Rights - What does the Constitution say? Do Libertarians go too far?

On Political Pistachio Radio tonight at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern:

Did Obama's ad saying that John McCain is calling for eliminating Medicare and Social Security a lie?

Economic Nitty Gritty - Who's fault is it that the economy has stumbled? Why? What is the root of the problem? Did deregulation play a role?

The Courts - tonight's "On The Road Rant" is about The Courts, how the judges have overstepped their bounds, and how the people are losing their voice as activist judges poise to render the legislative branch powerless.

The Barack Obama Birth Certificate Lawsuit was thrown out! Why? Should a candidate for President of the United States provide proof that he or she is eligible for office? What does Philip J. Berg have to say?

Taxes - How the Middle Class is screwed if Obama wins the election!

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