Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Beautiful People

Whenever I perform work in the towns around Los Angeles, like North Hollywood, the land of the beautiful people never ceases to amaze me. I am an observant person, and I have to admit that the women in those upscale neighborhoods around L.A. are more often than not thin to the point that it looks sickly. They are like under-nourished waifs.

Now, I am not saying that a thin woman is a bad thing, or that people have to fit my perceived ideal body type. I am saying that a woman that is so thin that she looks malnourished can be a bad thing, and possibly even medically damaging.

I agree that it is their business. But when that many of them in these neighborhoods, and I mean a very large percentage of them, are that thin, it makes you wonder what the underlying cause may be.

Sometimes I wonder how they are even able to keep their pants up.

I am simply observing the world around me, and you can't miss the ridiculous standard our women seem to think they must maintain by being stick figures. It amazes me because that sickly look has become what the image of beauty is in certain circles.

The message to our children, of course, is a dangerous one. And why women in our society feel the need to be so thin in order to be "acceptable" in an age where the underlying attitude has been one of pluralism and "who cares what people think" poses a contradiction that boggles the mind.

Is it a symptom of scrambled standards and lost principles? Has the onslaught against values brought us to this? Could it be that the people in our society have become so narcissistic that they are willing to endanger themselves with unhealthy behaviors to accomplish whatever it is they think they must accomplish?

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