Friday, March 20, 2009

AIG Debacle Numbers The Days of Obama Administration

Blunder after blunder is beginning to haunt the struggling Obama Administration. The ineptitude of the president and his Democrat henchmen (and women) is becoming the joke of the day. People recognize that the outrageous amount of spending, and the promise to spend more, is no way to do business, or save an economy. The AIG debacle is bringing it all to a head, and as Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's days become apparently numbered, many are wondering if Obama's days are numbered too.

The bailout was a bad idea when Bush came up with it, and it is a worse idea now. Not only is it going to do nothing to stimulate the economy, the hypocrisy attached is deafening. Thirteen of the companies receiving billions of dollars of federal bailout money owe millions in delinquent federal taxes. The AIG bonuses that the Democrats are now whining and complaining about are the very same bonuses that Democratic Senator Chris Dodd fought to protect with the Dodd Amendment in the Stimulus Bill. A vast majority of the cockroaches in Washington, and this includes a number of Republicans as well, have received a number of contributions from these failing entities, and as much as they are screaming for AIG executives to return their bonuses, you don't see the politicians returning theirs.

The Obama Presidency is a joke. The Administration is incompetent in ways that the Bush Administration couldn't even dream of being. I have compared Obama's presidency to the failed term of Jimmy Carter often, but even Carter's incompetence didn't become apparent, and make him a laughing stock, as quickly as is happening with the laughable Obama Administration.

The so-called "solution" is the problem, and it is accompanied by an inexperienced group of politicians that have no idea what they are doing. Obama has never owned a business, or been an operating officer of anything in his lifetime. The Democrat belief in bureaucracy and regulations is now back-firing. Their massive increase in the size of the federal government is not sitting well with the American People. The government is promoting bad behavior with their bailouts, and digging our nation into a deeper hole.

Obama has proclaimed that more government is the only way out of the vicious cycle of economic upheaval, and in typical government fashion, they are proving themselves to be wrong. The real solution is a limited government that cuts spending and reduces taxes, and the people are beginning to realize this. Every time liberal tactics such as what this Administration is using has been attempted, the tactics have failed spectacularly. Anytime cutting spending and taxes has been used a period of prosperity has followed. The truth is apparent to everyone but the Marxists in power at this moment. The real question, however, is if the Democrats can be stopped before they cause too much damage.

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