Monday, April 06, 2009

Obama Says In Turkey, "We Are Not At War With Islam"

America may not be at war with Islam, but whether you like it or not, President Obama, Islam is at war with the United States.

President Obama said in Turkey to the citizens of this majority Muslim country that the United States "would never be at war with Islam." He went on to say that the relationship the U.S. has with Islam, and the bridge he would like to build between Islam and the West, cannot and will not be based on opposition to Al Qaeda.

He then drew on his personal ties to Islam - you know, the ties he denied he had during the campaign - Obama stated that many Americans have Muslims in their family, or have lived in a Muslim-majority country. He added, "I know, because I am one of them."

Despite Obama's ignorance, America has not been enriched by Muslim-Americans, and the Islamization of the West has nothing to do with a wonderful concept of multiculturalism and diversity. Europe is being overrun with Islam, and as the Islamization of that continent takes place, the crime is so rampant in the Muslim neighborhoods that the police don't even dare enter the areas.

I realize there are "peaceful Muslims." I have a friend who is Muslim, is a fairly nice guy, and only gets fighting mad when people talk "crap" about his religion. For some reason, he lets me get away with it, saying the things I do about Islam, usually commenting "you silly Christian." He is peaceful despite Islam, not because of it.

Islam's desire, whether or not the Left, President Obama, or the touchy-feely crowd are willing to admit it, is to conquer the world. Their goals are to eliminate Israel, kill every Jew walking the Earth, and to bring down the West, transforming the Great Satan into Islamic Nations operating under the thumb of Sharia Law.

Religion or not, and many will argue that close examination of Islam brings one to the conclusion that Islam is not a religion by anything Americans believe to be one, Islam is a blood thirsty political machine not unlike Nazism. Islam will not ever be at peace with non-Muslim nations. Sure, there will be temporary treaties that they will abide by for a few months, or even a number of years, but in the end, understand that these agreements are temporary. Islam will not completely rest until all non-Muslim civilizations are destroyed, and the inhabitants are slaves under the mighty fist of an Islamic Caliphate.

Giving special privileges to this blood thirsty political nightmare is a mistake. Calling them friends and negotiating with their leaders without pre-conditions and a stance that comes from a position of strength is a mistake, and very dangerous.

And realize, Mr. President, you can proclaim all you want that the West, or that the United States is not at war with Islam. They don't care what you have to say. Like it or not, whether you are at war with them or not, Islam is at war with you, America, Israel, Europe, and anyone else that is not under the control of a majority Muslim population.

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