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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Polarization Effect

As the First 100 Days of the Presidency of Obama come to a close, Barry has achieved a lot more than I expected.

You read that correctly. I attribute Barack Obama with a lot of achievement as president of the United States.

Barack Obama, despite the claims that the polarization crown belonged to George W. Bush, is the most polarizing president in recent history. That is quite an achievement, if I do say so myself. As he works on creating the greatest federal deficit in American history, another wild achievement, while setting his sights on the federal government taking control of private industry, the partisan gap between Republican and Democratic approval ratings for the Leftist messiah stands at 61 points - ten points greater that when the gap was at its worst for Bush.

The great unifier has unified many people, but they are, for the most part, on the Liberal side of politics. Barry, however, has angered everyone else. And he realizes this, which is why he tried so hard to get at least a few Republicans to vote in favor of his Stimulus Package, when in reality, the Democrats could pass it without any help from the Right. Barack Hussein Obama wanted to be able to say he united the parties, and everyone was working together in the Stimulus.

I honestly believe he does not understand why he is not the Great Unifier he thought he would be. Liberals truly do not understand how one of the important factors of liberty is a limited federal government, nor do they understand the Constitutional idea of state's rights. In a nut shell, power is best controlled when divided.

Some people, as they recognize the movement of the federal government in a tyrannical direction, suggest that some kind of civil war may be on the horizon. That Obama's Administration, and his Leftist gang of idiots, will take America into a direction so far to the left, and so close to the communistic system the Soviet Union operated under, that there will eventually be fighting in the streets to preserve liberty.

Though I may not subscribe to such a possibility (while not completely discounting the possibility), I do believe a revolution against Obama's socialism is in the works. Bloodshed is never a desirable end, and armed revolution must always be the last resort when dealing with governmental oppression. There are other ways, however, to conduct a revolution, and the tea parties are the beginnings of that revolution.

One death that may occur during this revolution, should this entity not get its act straight, will be the demise of the Republican Party. The political party, in an attempt to remain competitive in a political battle with rapidly changing rules, and deceptive techniques applied by the Democrats, has determined that moving left is in its best interest. The party leadership is becoming no different than the leadership of the Democratic Party, and as a result, Conservatives are revolting against the GOP. Conservatives do not desire backing a party attempting to become more ideologically uniform with the party currently in power. Despite the idea of "Party First," the conservative voters believe that policies must mean something - and that to abandon principles and values to win an election is akin to selling one's soul to the Devil.

The Obama Administration, as these struggles increase on the Right, is taking advantage of the lack of organization of the Right. The Right has no defined leader, no organizational team, and no front runner backed by the majority of Conservatives. So, as a response, Obama and gang are pushing through as many Marxist policies as possible, as quickly as can be done. They know they must be quick. They must turn America into a socialist entity before those that wish to protect liberty can organize and mount a reasonable revolt.

Democrats could care less if their policies are creating a polarizing gap greater than any other in the modern era. All they care about is changing our country into something the founders did not intend, and stifling liberty for anyone that disagrees with them.

When Obama claimed during the campaign that he was going to be the antidote to the poison of partisanship, as with everything else, he was lying. He knows without Republican influence what they can do to this country is nearly limitless.

The success of the tea parties, however, have the Democrats concerned. They did not expect the rallies to be a smashing success, and they don't understand why they were. However, this kind of organized retaliation by the people can be dangerous to big government socialists, and their attempt to gain complete control of the American way of life. This is why anyone that rejects the Democratic Party's American version of Marxist socialism are being castigated as right-wing extremists. The right-wing bogeyman poses too much of a challenge to the Marxist plans of the Democrats, and must be stopped. This is why Janet Napolitano, and the Homeland Security Department, are specifically targeting conservatives. Conservatism, in their mind, is a greater threat to their version of America than even the Islamic Jihadists.

The Left is alarmed, which is why conservatives must not let up. The polarization effect is only the beginning. The rallies must continue. The education of the masses must increase. The fraud that is Barack Obama must continue to be exposed. Otherwise, it may get to the point that we will no longer have the freedom to unseat him should the American People finally determine that he is as dangerous as the Right has been saying all along.

Polarization in American politics has always been present, but as the Left moves farther left, and Conservatism stands firm on the original intentions of the writers of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, Barack Obama, the candidate of unity, has quickly become just another source of division.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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