Friday, April 24, 2009

Selective Memo Release

Interrogation Debate: Left Criminalizing What Made Us Safe

The Democrats set it up nicely with the help of the mainstream press. They played it like they were going to abandon the long-time dream of the far Left lunatics to pursue George W. Bush for war crimes. They waited until the media played it up, stirred the pot, proclaimed falsely that there were interrogation abuses, and that torture ran rampant throughout the Bush Administration's decisions. Then, once the frenzy of demonization through well placed lies and exaggerations were in play, then suddenly Obama came up with the bright idea to pursue an inquiry into these alleged harsh interrogation tactics.

Never mind the fact that Attorney General Eric Holder, and President Barack Obama, assured the American People that they would not selectively release "torture" memos for political reasons. In the Democrat style of lies and hypocrisy, after the biased press set it up for them, they did exactly that - releasing only certain memos. Now, the Left is all excited over the memos, thinking they have their gotcha moment proving the U.S. tortured terrorists. They believe they have the beginnings of a long dream to go after Bush and his administration. The Left has finally begun their witch hunt.

The memos are sort of like that picture where you see an old woman, or a young woman, depending on how you look at it. The liberals see in the memos what is not necessarily there, but as they do in their best fashion, they demonize anyone they can anyway. In truth, however, the image the memos reveals is clear evidence that the Bush Administration did whatever they could to ensure the law was being followed, including having medics in place during the interrogation sessions for the protection of the health of the prisoners.

On top of all of this, Nancy Pelosi herself knew about all of this, raised no objections, and is now denying it. In fact, Pelosi wanted the interrogations to be more severe. Of course, she is denying this as the evidence mounts against her denials.

Dick Cheney, while speaking with Sean Hannity, urged that the remainder of the memos be released. He says the remainder of the memos will show beyond a doubt the success of the interrogation programs - funny that those would be the memos not released by Obama.

Interestingly, the Democratic controlled Congress was approving these interrogation methods, and now suddenly want blood for techniques that kept this country safe?

Barack Obama and gang are stepping into a very dangerous arena. They think they have Bush right where they want him, when in reality, the facts will not only prove otherwise, but reveal the Democrats for the political bigots that they truly are.

Political bigots? You know. Someone who has pure hate for people that disagree with them politically? Most liberals fit nicely into that category.

The Left's deception has been played masterfully. Question is, when their political vengeance is exposed as being nothing more than a witch hunt for the purpose of falsely demonizing their opponents, and criminalizing policy they themselves agreed to, will it come back to bite them?

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