Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cap and Trade Explained

John Spisak, President of SolaRover, says that Cap and Trade will punish the Middle and Lower Class consumers. In reality, from a president that promised tax cuts for most Americans, Cap and Trade is a great big tax. The irony is, according to Mr. Spisak, that Cap and Trade will actually push the idealists's vision of mainstream renewable resources further away from reality.

"To think that Cap and Trade's carbon taxes will drive everyone into wind and solar [power] is folly," says Spisak. "What proponents of the plan either don't understand, or don't care to think about, is that Cap and Trade will cause the prices of all commodities that go into the development of solar and wind projects (steel, copper wire, glass) to skyrocket, making these projects even more expensive."

- So, is Cap and Trade really just a diversion - a front for what is another Democrat attempt to pass a huge tax package?

- How crippling could it potentially be to the American economy, as we struggle to be price competitive with Asia?

- Are biofuels safe from the Cap and Trade model?

- What is the best way to bring renewable resources into the mainstream?

- Is it time to put the global warming issue on the shelf?

- What does a sound U.S. energy policy really look like?

John Spisak is tonight's guest on Political Pistachio Radio. He will discuss the bad science that rules Congress on tonight's program, and we will learn more about Cap and Trade from an individual who won't give us the typical talking points of the Left as does the mainstream media. Join us live at 7pm Pacific, or on archive later, HERE.

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