Friday, May 29, 2009

Guantanamo Detainees in American Prisons

Watching the liberal talkers on television, it has become apparent that they really don't understand the Conservative reasoning for opposing the closing of Guantanamo Bay. In order to close the prison housing the worst of the worst in terms of terrorists, the United States will have to determine what to do with the detainees. Obama, not wishing to open another Guantanamo Bay style facility that is open for the exclusive reason of housing terrorists, has quickly realized that he can't release them into the general population, or send the terrorists home to their own countries, either. After all, reports have been coming out repeatedly showing that a percentage of them, when freed, return to their terrorist ways, and only one of them becoming a Jihadist killer again is one too many.

The Democrats have come up with the great idea of putting these hardened terrorists into American Prisons, and immediately, the GOP has argued against it as a bad idea. The Left, in their ignorance, keeps arguing that the prisons can hold them. The terrorists won't escape. Jon Stewart even made a comparison of the bad construction of Guantanamo compared to the inescapable American prisons.

The argument against placing these terrorists into American Prisons has nothing to do with the potential of escape. The argument has to do with the Islamic Terrorists converting prisoners to Islam, and then upon release those new converts joining the general population.

The Left does not understand the danger of mixing these Jihadists with anyone other than each other. The liberal left can't recognize that by putting these individuals into our prison system, we are doing exactly what the Islamic Jihadists wish. We are enabling them access to individuals that can be easily converted, and unleashed on America.

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