Sunday, June 21, 2009

Can Protesters Topple Islamic Regime in Iran?

Hope for freedom and change in Iran is evident in the mainstream media, and among those protesting around the world against the Mullah's of Iran. Revolution, it is said, is on the rise. The actions of the supporters of Mousavi in Iran is the birth pains of a great revolution that will lead Iran in a secular direction, and away from the iron fisted rule of the Islamic theocratic government.

The thousands of protesters in the streets of Iran are facing an entrenched Islamic government that has no intention of letting go of its power easily. Currently, the repression of the protesters is working. In the end these demonstrations will lose their punch as the days proceed.

Mousavi, who has indicated he is prepared for martyrdom, has become more radical as the protests continue. The Ayatollah ali Khamenei is not worried. He is sending a message to the Iranian people that Ahmadinejad will continue to be president, and the protests mean nothing to him, other than that they are an irritation. If anything, the willingness of the protesters to defy the will of the Supreme Leader will result in them suffering in the long run.

Obama has made sure to not make the U.S. an issue in the Iranian turmoil. But, since he has proclaimed himself as the leader of the world, you would think he'd at least be instrumental in creating a broad coalition of nations condemning the Iranian Government for their treatment of the protesters.

This American president wishes to use a clear, diplomatic strategy, and even if the Islamic Government hangs on to power through violent suppression, Barack Obama will still welcome the Iranian Government to the negotiating table with a big smile, and a submissive bow.

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By Douglas V. Gibbs

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