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Sunday, June 28, 2009

North Korea Makes More Threats, This Time Against Japanese

Fox News is reporting that North Korea is threatening to shoot down any Japanese planes that intrude into its airspace. This follows threats by Kim Jong Il to send missiles into Hawaii, and rain a nuclear firestorm on South Korea if any vessels interferes with any North Korean ships.

The North Korean midget maniacal dictator is thinking that Japan is spying on him, and his precious missile launch sites, and he is paranoid that America is planning on seizing his vessels (hence, the no-sail zone off North Korea's eastern coast), and that the United Nations is meddling into his peacefully warlike affairs.

North Korea's defiance of U.N. resolutions, which includes test-firing short and mid-range missiles, has become a grave concern, especially for the Japanese, considering the proximity of North Korea to Japan.

Accusations against the Japanese for aerial espionage is a rare occurrence. The little dictator is normally complaining about American spy missions in North Korea's airspace.

Last April, a North Korean rocket flew over Japan's main island. The Japanese people responded with a strong protest, despite the North Korean claim that the event was simply an innocent launch with the goal of putting a satellite into orbit. American officials, and a number of U.S. allies, said that the instance was actually a test of North Korea's long-range missile technology.

North Korea is actively seeking a Nuclear arsenal, and Kim Jong Il is an expansionist. South Korea and Japan, I believe, are in serious danger, and the only thing holding back the insane short-man's complex infected dictator of North Korea is China. When madmen act erratically, it is not in our best interest to, as Obama would say, be careful not to meddle. If we let the situation fester, before we realize it, Pyongyang will be launching nuclear weapons in a limited nuclear exchange.

We must act. The action may be aggressive language, or it may be more.

Interestingly, the very aggressive North Korean communist government, through its nonsensical rhetoric, is calling their neighbors across the Sea of Japan warmongers of Japanese aggression. Sounds like the Palestinian accusations of Israel, doesn't it? Interestingly, there are actually idiot leftards out there that believe Kim Jong Il, and see North Korea as some hapless victim of Japanese aggression.


It is interesting how aggressive pieces of crap like the North Korean leader go around accusing everybody else of what he is actually guilty of, and there are gullible appeasers out there with peace symbols draped across their tye-dye T-shirts that actually believes them.

Believe me, with the gutless leadership in Washington right now, the United States will be weak, as expected, in their response. This non-action will occur primarily because Obama is a non-confrontational, quivering weasel who is not used to someone out there actually not fawning over him. I am not suggesting that we go in with bombs and kill a bunch of civilians, but using special forces to take out their nuclear capabilities may be an option that ought to be on the table.

Obama, being the weakling he is, won't even issue strong words, unless he is positive his adoring fans will agree with him, and not until his teleprompter says it is okay to say such a thing.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

By Douglas V. Gibbs

North Korea Threatens to Shoot Down Intruding Japanese Planes - Fox News, Associated Press

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