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Abortion: One Dead, One Wounded

I bought the old, blue, Toyota pick-up with about fifty thousand miles on it. The day I brought it home I slapped a rectangular bumper sticker in the lower left corner of the rear window that read, "Abortion: One Dead, One Wounded." The sticker remained on that rear window when I sold the little truck two hundred thousand miles later.

The message regarding abortion on the back window of my truck encouraged conversation. I was asked about it wherever I went. Discussions regarding the subject of abortion, and faith, erupted at gas stations, and in parking lots. To everyone that saw it, the message was clear. Abortion is the taking of a human life.

More often than not, upon seeing my bumper sticker, people asked me if I was a Christian. Yes, as it turns out, I am. But why is it that whenever someone is discovered to be pro-life, it automatically makes them a Christian? Yes, the majority of people that call themselves Christians believe that life begins at conception, and their decision to believe that is largely influenced by biblical scripture that essentially says that God fashions us while we are in the womb, that some of us are called by God before we are even born, and that based on that fact unborn children have a spiritual identity. For these reasons, faith is almost always quickly identified with the pro-life position.

An example of such a connection between religion, and the disagreement with abortion, is apparent in an article that recently appeared in World Net Daily about a Catholic Nurse who was forced to participate in an abortion procedure, despite the fact that it was well known she considered the termination of a pregnancy in this fashion to be murder.

Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City is the location where Catherina Lorena Cenzon-DeCarlo was compelled to assist in the abortion of a 22-week old unborn child. The abortion, as is common with abortions performed at stages beyond the first few weeks of gestation, resulted in the dismemberment of the little body, and Nurse DeCarlo was forced watch as the doctor pulled out the bloody limbs of the child with forceps, and placed them in a specimen cup. She had to add saline to the cups, and transport the dismembered body of the slaughtered child to the specimen area.

World Net Daily adds that according to the complaint, "This happened even though according to the hospital's own protocols, the abortion was not so urgent that it would have required her assistance, and there was more than enough time to summon another nurse. . . they ordered her to participate, threatening her with disciplinary measures if she refused. The hospital then dramatically cut her on-call assignments after she refused to sign a statement promising to participate in future abortions."

DeCarlo objected to being a part of the abortion all the way up to the moment of the procedure. The abortion was not a medical necessity, and on the surface it seems to me that this was done purposely to force her to participate in the procedure of abortion against her will, as if to prove to her that "it's no big deal." To ensure she participated, Mrs. DeCarlo was threatened with disciplinary actions that could, if implemented, jeopardize her job, and her ability to be a nurse in the future. Her objections were ignored, and no doubt scoffed at.

The combination of the bullying tactics used against her, and the trauma of witnessing such a brutal, murderous procedure must have been nearly unbearable.

World Net Daily reports that the "case is being handled by the Alliance Defense Fund. It was brought on behalf of nurse Toni Lemly, who had worked in the St. Tammany Parish Hospital. She sued when she objected to dispensing the 'morning after' abortion pill because of her religious beliefs and was demoted."

What strikes me is the fact that the article continuously reminds us that the nurse's religious convictions were in play here, just as my bumper sticker automatically made people ask about my faith. I understand that the war against abortion is dominated by Christians, and that the best legal recourse in such a case as Mrs. DeCarlo's is to use the "it's against my religion" argument. But what about folks that don't necessarily have a religious conviction regarding abortion, but have still come to the conclusion that it is murder. Would they have recourse should they be forced to participate in the sickening, disgusting act of murdering unborn babies?

The time in the womb, regardless of religious convictions, is a stage of human development that progresses through adulthood. Historically, we frown upon societies that would offer their children as sacrifices to heathen gods. The test of Abraham to offer his son as a sacrifice was so horrid, that it was the ultimate test for Abraham regarding his obedience of God. Of course, the event did not end in the sacrifice of the young man - but it was a foreshadowing of the ultimate sacrifice of Christ on the cross, and it portrayed how horrible even the thought of killing one's child is.

Children are a gift. A blessing. Christian, or not, by throwing away our children at the blink of an eye with the horrid procedure of abortion is like saying that human life is not worth anything. Life has become disposable. Children have become nothing more than something that can be thrown away should they be inconvenient.

The comments of retaliation to this article will no doubt bring up rare cases of terminating pregnancy that is more of a medical procedure, than the murderous practice of voluntarily slaughtering the unborn. The argument regarding terminating pregnancies for medical reasons does not apply here, and is a rare occurrence, as is pregnancies in the cases of rape and incest. Abortions, as discussed here, is defined as the termination of a human life because a baby is "inconvenient" to the woman or couple at this point in time. These kinds of abortions represent well over 90% of the total abortions performed.

Abortionists argue that it's all about a woman's choice.

Since when is a person's selfish choice more important than the life of an innocent, defenseless baby?

How can a mother turn against her own young to destroy them? And how can anyone in this civilized age wish to force someone who is against the barbaric practice of abortion to be a part of it, whether they like it or not?

Have women lost their motherly instincts?

The implications are unthinkable.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Catholic nurse ordered to help with abortion - World Net Daily, Bob Unruh

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