Thursday, July 30, 2009

Child of Krakatoa

The most famous volcano outside of the State of Washington (Mt. Saint Helens is pretty famous in America) erupted in 1883. Krakatoa exploded with a force 13,000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan by American Forces during the waning days of World War II. The eruption in 1883 killed over 36,000 people. Anak Krakatoa is a new volcano that is emerging from the remains of the former giant beast which blew itself apart over one hundred years ago.

Steadily growing out of its predecessor's remains since 1927, Anak Krakatoa is currently half the size of Krakatoa was in 1883. The volcano lies between Java and Sumatra on the Sunda Strait, and has recently been providing a light show that reminds us how beautiful nature can be, and how dangerous. A repeat blast seems imminent, and locals are bracing for the worst.

In 1883, Krakatoa destroyed itself when it exploded, causing a tsunami of tremendous proportions while spewing poison gases and hot ashes on the surrounding lands.

Prior to 1883 there are records of volcanic activity in the same area, one eruption during the 1500s is said to have been a factor in global climate changes. In 1927, now underwater, Krakatoa sprang back to life, and a new island rose out of the waters. Three times islands rose out of the water, and was eroded away by the waters. In 1930, a fourth attempt was successful, as the volcano provided lava faster than the waves could erode them. The island was named by locals Anak Krakatau ("Child of Krakatoa").

Since the 1950s the rate of growth of the island has increased, and in 1994 the Child of Krakatoa experienced an episode of eruptions. The island has been constantly rumbling ever since, going through an eruption sequence in April 2008 that released rocks, lava and gases.

The Spring of 2009 began the most recent episodes of rumblings, with lava spewing, and the island growing. So far this year plumes of smoke and the release of lava has contributed to the darkening of the skies, and the growth of the island.

I wonder how long it will take the liberals to find a way to tax the volcano for contributing to the green house gases being added to the air?

For spectacular photos, go to the link below at The Daily Mail.

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By Douglas V. Gibbs

Fiery images as killer volcano that claimed 36,000 lives stirs once more - The Daily Mail

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