Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Obama's First Entanglement With Cambridge Police

When I first heard about Barack Obama saying a Cambridge, Massachusetts' police officer acted stupidly in an arrest, I did not write about it because, like Obama, I didn't know the full story.

When it turned out the police officer was White, and the suspect was a Black Harvard professor, it made my ears perk up, wondering if racism was going to be evoked for this one. As expected, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. claimed he was racially profiled. When asked his opinion on the matter in a press conference, Obama had apparently fallen for the racial plea, and jumped to conclusions, basing his answer completely on the testimony of Gates, rather than on the facts.

Still, I kept my keyboard silent on the issue.

When the news that the policeman followed procedure in his arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., and that the local police officers union had determined that there was no evidence the arrest was race-based, which made it necessary for Obama to apologize for jumping to conclusions without learning all of the facts, I chuckled. It was a typical move for someone like Obama. After all, being a liberal, it comes as second nature for far left liberals to assume things without having all of the facts in front of them, or even using the facts properly, for that matter.

It was comical watching the Democrats scramble to try to keep their messiah, Mr. Obama, looking good and intelligent - despite his stupid remarks.

Still, I refrained from writing about the situation, though I did mention it a couple times on my radio program.

The straw that broke the camel's back, however, was when I learned that this is not the first time Barack Obama has tangled with the Cambridge Police Department. Apparently, Obama has a history with the department dating from his college years to as recently as the launch of his presidential campaign.

Remembering back to the presidential campaign, I remember when an issue regarding a whole slew of unpaid parking tickets became the subject of many conservative talkers and writers. Specifically, Obama had 17 unpaid parking tickets that he wound up paying just weeks before he announced his bid for the presidency.

The issuing department?

Give you one guess.

One would think that would mean that Obama has no love lost for the Cambridge Police Department. After all, they were a thorn in his side when he was younger, so surely they must automatically be guilty of acting in a racist manner against Mr. Gates, right?

What is really interesting is that while Obama was a law breaker (with all of those unpaid parking tickets), he practiced law in Chicago, served as an Illinois State Senator, and as a United States Senator. As John LeBoutillier of Newsmax commented, Obama during this time as a man that was supposed to be a champion of the law "allowed these almost-two-decade-old signs of his disdain for the law to remain unpaid."

Now, knowing that the Cambridge Police Department was the issuer of those parking tickets, it makes one wonder if Obama jumped to conclusions regarding the department's arrest of Gates based on his past experiences with them.

And if he is willing to jump to conclusions like he did in this situation regarding the Cambridge Police Department, without knowing all of the facts, what other conclusions is he jumping to while in the Oval Office, while pretending to be a capable leader of the free world?

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By Douglas V. Gibbs

'Scofflaw' Obama has history with 'stupid' Cambridge police - World Net Daily

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