Monday, August 31, 2009

Democratic Party Big Top - Leftist Circus Report

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Come one, come all, come see the most amazing collection of misfits, freaks, and far left humans that could never survive in the mainstream society. They are royalty from Camelot and community organizers from Chicago. They come from San Francisco to Vegas, from Los Angeles to Massachusetts, from Arizona to Florida. Clowns, liberal lions, and the acrobatic wonders of deceptive illusions are all available for you to see. These far left liberal freaks of nature are the most amazing assortment of Leftist Radicals you will see under one governmental circus tent since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Here, under the big tent, lies a lion. He is now dead, yet people come from miles around to see how he amazingly still has an impact, even in death, on the circus of leftist policies. He is the youngest of three self-proclaimed kings. These three brothers of American Royalty had the amazing ability to do horrendous things, and yet still come out smelling like a rose. Adultery? Murder? (Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune is just happy cable wasn't around back then for the Chappaquiddick Scandal, otherwise, Teddy Kennedy may have been forced to face the consequences for his actions) Public drunkenness? If you are a Kennedy, nothing can stop you - not even yourself. Then, in death, watch carefully for the youngest of the three, the Lion of the Senate, Senator Edward Kennedy to have his name invoked by the Democrats in Calling for Health Care Reform.

Then, when you think you are done with Kennedy, more about Teddy's exploits arises from the ashes like a phoenix rising from the dead, in the form of a traitorous letter to the USSR, made available when the KGB made their files available to the public. What was the letter about? Senator Edward Kennedy wanted to work with the Soviets to help the Soviet Union defeat Reagan’s efforts to build up the nuclear deterrent in Europe.

Absolutely amazing!

Marvel at the incredible skills of the Two-Faced Liar, Nancy Pelosi, who will amaze with her untruths, and crazy stories to cover up her blatant lying. She knew about water boarding, encouraged its use, and then claimed it was horrid and she knew nothing about the technique being used. Grand Ma'am Pelosi, and the bearded, pant-suited Clintonista (aka Hillary Clinton), will amaze young and old alike with their horrific lies in ways you never thought they could be told. Hmmm, no wonder they sent her off to Africa. Good place to make sure she stays out of the way, and doesn't foul things up with her wayward, screeching mouth.

Watch in Amazement as the bare-armed woman, Michelle Obama, claims that America must change its traditions and history while visiting Puerto Rico, while not only escaping unscathed and unburned, but receives applause instead for her daring feat. Some would say this was yet another clue that the Left desires to change America's form of government from a Capitalistic Republic, to a Socialistic Democracy (and eventually a fascist totalitarian state).

Listen in awe as Diane Watson, a Democrat Representative out of Los Angeles, California proclaims Fidel Castro is a man to be admired, and that he is a bright leader. Listen as she walks the tight-wire, praising radical murderer Che Guevara for disposing of the wealthy in Cuba, and being a part of the team that made the country the murderous communist regime it became, and remains today. Watch in amazement as she magically pulls out the race-card and verbally communicates that she believes people are against Obamacare because Barack Obama is black.

Marvel at the mainstream media's ability to attack anyone that opposes the Obama Administration, while being unwilling to jump through fiery rings of openly reporting on the stories that could make Democrats look bad.

- Never mind the fact that Hassan Nemazee, CEO of Nemazee Capital and former Finance Chairman to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, was arrested and charged with bank fraud.

- Forget that the EPA came up with a report that questioned the man-made global warming scam, and then the Obama Administration muzzled it. Of course when that very same EPA, in another report, proclaims Carbon Dioxide a pollutant, and that Carbon Dioxide needs to be regulated, suddenly what the EPA has to say is important. But, of course (sarcasm pump number one on full blast) there is no political motivation in what the press is willing to report, and what they don't - oh, and be careful breathing. Your exhales are destroying the planet.

- Who cares about the fact that a '08 Democrat Supporter and Worker shattered eleven windows at the state Democratic Party headquarters in Colorado in the hopes it would be blamed on those dangerous right wing extremists (you know, those rabid senior citizens that have been dangerously confronting our poor, innocent, defenseless representatives at the Town Hall Meetings?). If you didn't notice, sarcasm pump number two was full blast for that one.

- Never mind that the federal government mistakenly sent out stimulus checks to 1,700 inmates in a perfect example of how well they administer their policies.

- The News about the ACLU trying to ensure a couple of school administrators go to jail for daring to pray wasn't even worthy enough for the mainstream media clowns to report.

- And if you are even willing to mention the words "Obama" and "internment camp" in the same sentence, in the eyes of the Left you are automatically falsely assuming that the Democrat's plan to round up all dissidents (and you are wearing a tin foil hat to protect your brains from the aliens) - of course the fact that H1N1 outbreak precautions are being taken to ensure everyone is mandatorily vaccinated, and internment activities are in full swing by the government just in case such measures are needed, are to be forgotten and buried by the unicycle riding clowns of the mainstream media.

- Never mind the trampling by a herd of elephants of religious freedoms, and parental rights, in this country too - You didn't think the press would say anything about a Christian homeschool girl in New Hampshire being ordered to a government-run public school for having "sincerely held" religious beliefs, did you? The guardian ad litem wouldn't even look at the homeschool curriculum, saying, "I don't want to hear it. It's all Christian based." Oh, how dare those parents teach their kids Christianity - good thing the government was there to stop such child abuse (sarcasm pump number 3). Richard Dawkins would be proud.

- But the media clown's anti-Christian agenda doesn't stop there. Their red nose honking at the First Amendment extends to their belief that if a church, or Christian University, even utters a word about anything that some clown, somewhere, determines to be political, immediately the Left swoops in to challenge their tax exempt status. How dare those religious people have an opinion, right? That's hardly Constitutional. Last time I checked the U.S. Constitution, the federal government can't "prohibit the free exercise" of religion. That's in the First Amendment, in case you didn't know. You know, a part of the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution? You ought to read it some time.

No wonder, then, that I heard on the radio that after Obama met with 75 pastors in the hopes of dividing and conquering those religious folk, 400 churches requested giving up their tax exempt status so that they could speak out against the compromises many of the denominations are now committing.

As for the greatest clowns among the television broadcasters? They are truly the most acrobatic clowns of all in this vast, left wing political circus. They get thrills (tingles?) up their legs when Obama speaks, or at least Chris Matthews does. Hey, Chris, maybe you should get that checked out. Maybe it's restless leg syndrome.

Since then, Chris' tingling problem has apparently gone to his brain, and is being deposited as manure from the mouth. One of his most recent bouts with Leftist Acute Moronic Eccentricity (LAME) is that he decided to compare Sarah Palin to Howard Stern, and Bill Clinton to God. Hmmm, if Bill is God, and Barack Obama is the Messiah, would that make Billy-boy Barack's daddy? Bill doesn't look like he was born in Kenya.

That wild and crazy Keith Olbermann isn't exactly a man of journalistic integrity, either. Keith's latest inability to get the facts right occurred when Olbermann claimed that Joe Kennedy Jr., the eldest Kennedy brother, was "shot down in World War II." I am sure the tiny little libtard audience didn't catch the poor journalism on Keith's part. They never do. In reality, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. was part of an experimental program called Operation Aphrodite that attempted to turn a bomb-laden plane into a remote controlled explosive device. Kennedy was one of many pilots who lost their lives trying to make this program a reality.

More amazing than those crazy clowns of the press is the ring leader himself. Uncle Barry has surrounded himself with radicals and tax cheats. Mr. Obama proclaims he is a "man in charge" that settles for no less than all the power he can grab, or whatever his teleprompter allows him to say. That hunt for power includes power over the Internet with revised bill S.773, which still appears (after a lot of hulla-bulloo over the original powers allowed the president in the bill) to permit the president to seize temporary control of private-sector Internet networks during a so-called cybersecurity emergency. To keep his opposition occupied, and on the defense, the Obama Administration has opened an investigation of CIA interrogators in an insane attempt at misdirection. Meanwhile, just to make sure no other dissidents become a problem, Obama is ready with a strong arm tactic using College Students. Uncle Barry is building an army of citizen volunteers. The first step in the recruiting of these fine Obama supporters is being done at colleges across the country. The sales pitch? Join the Obama Team to "build support for President Obama's agenda" – and earn college credit while advocating for "change."

Meanwhile, the ring leader's fall in the polls is the third fastest drop to 50% since Hoover. Only Gerald Ford (probably because of his pardon of Nixon), and Bill Clinton, fell faster. Some polls, like Zogby, have Obama well below 50%. Rasmussen's poll has shown the people that strongly disapprove of President Obama to outnumber those that strongly approve of his presidency since June, and consistently all throughout July and August, with the differential now at -11.

So far, that's all I have regarding the Letist Circus of Crazies. I am sure we will be reporting again soon. In fact, next time on the Democrat Leftist Circus Report maybe we'll talk about some of the other freaks, like Harry Reid, Maxine Waters, Rahm Emanuel, and the many other members of the liberal cast of crazies.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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