Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Great Comment

In addition to Political Pistachio dot com, all of my articles on this site appear in many other locations around the web as well. One of those places is my facebook account where I received the following comment about a recent article I wrote:

Mary N. made a comment about your note "A Tactic of Misdirection":

I can't be alone when I say I am tired of being told I am rioting because I don't approve of a Gov't controlled health care system. And I can't be alone when it insults me to have my own President apoligizing to other nations for the actions of us-the American people. Since when did we become the problem child? Or is it the Gov't realizes that "the people" won't just roll over by a group of leaders that should be acting in our best interest but instead, want to take a perfectly good country and destroy it. Our President should be making speeches about how great it is to be an American instead of telling others how wrong our actions are. The only thing this great nation did that was wrong was vote him into office.

Thanks, Mary, and you are exactly right.

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