Sunday, August 23, 2009

Leftist Drivel - Liberal Mental Disorder

By Douglas V. Gibbs

I sometimes have the silly notion, when debating members of the Left, that these people "think." I forget that these liberal leftists are so invested in their selfish desires, and justifying whatever lunacy they have signed on to, that they are incapable of recognizing the truth even if it hit them in the face.

Liberal Tom, an obsessed leftist reader of Political Pistachio is a prime example of this kind of poor soul that has been so deceived by the creeping incrementalism that has taken hold of America that they are unable to distinguish between their butt and a hole in the ground.

Lately, just for fun, I have published some of his comments. He thinks I don't publish them, normally, because I can't handle his arguments. In reality, it is usually because his offerings are usually so idiotic I just don't have the time to dissect, and respond to each wrong point.

People like Tom constantly lie, misread facts, or just don't understand the obvious.

They are not looking for sense, they are searching for something to attack. When he reads my posts he could care less about the truth - it is his goal to try to find something to pin on the wall and somehow use for a shocking revelation that may look like his lunacy somehow deserves some kind of validation.

For example, when I wrote about amnesty, his response was how horrible it was that I would send back to Mexico the parents of the anchor babies who are citizens and would remain behind. I never suggested splitting the families up. The kids can leave too. They are more than welcome to join their parent on the bus home where they belong.

I have no problem with immigration. Immigrants make this nation great. Illegal immigrants who have no intention of contributing to the melting pot, however, are a stain that needs to be removed, and sent back to where they belong.

The Fourteenth Amendment was written with emancipated slaves in mind, and was designed to ensure those slaves born in the U.S. were citizens. A child, born of two foreigners who are in the country illegally, is hardly a citizen. The parents are illegal. Therefore, the birth in the U.S. is illegal. Never, in a million years, would the Founding Fathers have supported a woman running across the border to have a child just in time so that the kid could be a citizen and sponsor the whole family to come over who has no intention of being Americans, but only to take advantage of unconstitutional government entitlements.

You have to understand, these people who worship the Left are so deceived that they are unable to recognize the obvious. The indoctrination goes so deep that they are unable to reason.

Such as when I agreed with a Town Hall protester when he declared Nazis to be a bunch of leftists. Tom thought that was an example of revising history. But, all one has to do is think (of which the Left doesn't do) and the answer is obvious. The Nazi Party was the party of National Socialism. Socialism being the key word. They believed that the government should have an increased role in the life of the citizens. Government control over the people was the platform of the Nazi Party, including a take over of the health care system.

When applied to the Political Spectrum, of which the far right represents no government, and the far left is total government, it is easy to see that Nazism was a leftist ideology that inhabited a spot on the political spectrum far to the left of the center line.

The leftists in America have been so indoctrinated into believing that any kind of nationalism is somehow a conservative trait, that they are firm believers that Nazis and Skin Heads, are somehow on the Right. The fact that they believe in a complete takeover by government seems not to be a factor.

Also, anything that involves religion is conservative too, according to the Leftists, regardless of the religion.

Therefore, the Left sees Islamism as conservative.

But think about the leftist characteristics of the Islamic political ideology (that masks itself as a religion). Islam believes in controlling the people through a theocratic government - and few ideologies are more leftist than theocracies. Total control of the people through a government that uses religious fervor to solidify that control is even more leftist than the liberals. Yet, these small minded lefties actually believe that Islamism is conservative.

Writing this piece, ultimately, is pretty useless, because people like Tom mindlessly follow the marching orders that have been pounded into their brain, and he will no doubt write an opposition piece that basically barks the leftist marching orders. People like Tom are unable to stop and think long enough to realize the truth of the matter. He has been trained well by the Left.

"Roll over, sit, bark. . . Good Boy!"

It is amazing, really, because almost everything he accuses the right of being, in reality is is often guilty of.

But like I said earlier, I often make the false assumption that these people think. The more I get to know their thought patterns, the more I realize the lights are on, but nobody is home.

I pray for him, anyhow. You never know. The light may come on someday - maybe as a result of being exposed to the truth as he is every day by reading my writings.

One can hope.

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