Saturday, August 29, 2009

Political Pistachio Radio Revolution: Two Guests For The Price Of One

Ralph Reed has strongly endorsed it. Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich and Bobby Jindal are reading it. Conservative News-Talkers everywhere are abuzz about it. "Animal Colony" could be the novel that will change America and stop our slide into socialism, much in the way ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell helped put an end to the communist movement by changing public opinion about the Soviet Union.

A unique retelling of ANIMAL FARM, "Animal Colony" tells how Jamestown's animals flee captivity for a Promised Land of liberty and prosperity. Tragically, they lose it all to collectivism and overtaxation, trading one form of tyranny for another. The message of "forced sharing" by a runaway government couldn't be more timely, or relevant.

Tonight, co-author Mark Olsen is the guest of the Political Pistachio Radio Revolution during the first segment of the program. Listen live at at 7:00 pm Pacific Time.


Grace Lee says "Our culture has lost its manners!"

Perhaps it's because we live knee deep in a digital age, when personal phone calls yield to unspoken emails. Maybe it's the fact that more homes with single parents or two working parents means less time for family dinner. Maybe it's because our world has become a world of privacy fences.

Most likely, its all of those factors, and more.

Ms. Lee will be joining the Political Pistachio Radio Revolution during the second hour of the broadcast to further explore with us the intriguing and complicated reasons why this is happening, and when the erosion really began. But, more importantly, she'll enlighten us to the inherent benefits, in both business and personal lives, of exercising our "social graces." And, she'll explain how we can reclaim them.

From that big job interview, to that nerve rattling baptism meeting with the girlfriend's parents - and every turning-point encounter we experience in between - Grace Lee says etiquette is critical in reaching our goals.

"If you don't make a positive first impression," she says, "you may not get the chance to make a second. How you impress others determines whether they'll hire you, give you that promotion or investment capital . . . or say 'yes' to a date."

Grace Lee is our guest during the second hour, beginning at 8:00 pm Pacific Time. Join us for the eye-opening discussion with Ms. Lee that will resonate with everyone, because the subject is so much a part of our lives. Join us live at, or catch the archive later.

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