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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Democrats to Ban Flavored Cigarettes

By Douglas V. Gibbs

All week I have been hearing about how sweet flavored cigarettes, like cloves, are on the chopping block to be banned by the government (aka Democrat Leftist Regime). The wise government bureaucrats have determined that sweet tasting cigarettes must be banned because they are one of the causes of teenage smoking.

I can see it now: "Hey, dude, let's try cigarettes." "Naw, they all taste like crap, I hear. The government took away the good tasting cigarettes. So, because of the government, I have decided to not learn how to smoke."

Right. I wonder what the Democrats will be saying when the incidents of teenage smoking increases, despite their idiotic, nanny-state, freedom killing plan.

Freedom killing?

Who are they to determine what kind of cigarettes you are allowed to, or not allowed to, smoke? And if they do this, how long before cigarettes are banned completely?

What the Leftist Democrats are doing sort of reminds me of "Demolition Man." Remember that movie with Wesley Snipes, Sylvester Stallone, and Sandra Bullock? In this utopian future all tyhings bad for you, and bad for society, have been outlawed. No cigarettes, no profanity, no guns (bad guys still find a way to get their hands on some), and no physical contact between humans - at all.

Even the high fives are done with no contact.

How long before they put sensors in our toilets so that they can check our urine for contraband?

Interesting thing about the cigarette ban, however, is even in their attempt to save the people from smoking, the government caved to Philip Morris. The cigarette giant promised the Leftists to support their "sweet tasting cigarette" ban if Menthols are left off the chopping block. The Democrats agreed, and Philip Morris is on board.

Menthol cigarettes comprise 98% of sweet tasting cigarettes, leaving the ban to cover 2% of the remaining flavored cigarettes - thus stifling Philip Morris' competition, thanks to a little help from the government.

Kids don't start smoking because of the taste of the cigarettes. And Philip Morris is being given another angle in a business already dominated by the company.

Your tax dollars at work, thanks to the Obamacrats.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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