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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Muslims like Hasan are like Nazis in the Military

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Nidal Malik Hasan killed more people than the DC Sniper who was put to death tonight for his crimes, but Hasan will probably get a slight hand-slap because everyone is too afraid to upset the Muslims.

Hasan injured thirty people, and killed 13, and did so with pre-meditation. Washington was quick to dismiss the word terrorism before the investigation was even launched. As the facts have emerged, Nidal Hasan has been proven to be a Muslim who contacted a radical imam months ago. On a website Hasan compared suicide bombers with soldiers who fall on grenades to save their fellow troops, and civilians. In a lecture Hasan spoke in terms consistent with Jihadism, and spoke often in such a manner. He told classmates and professors he was a Muslim first, holding to Shariah before the U.S. Constitution. He called the war on terror a war on Islam. He wore the day of his shooting robes similar to those worn by suicide bombers on the day of their mission. The radical Muslim community praises Hasan as a hero.

Nical Malik Hasan gave every sign possible, short of writing "I am an Islamic Jihadist" on his forehead, that he was a dangerous Islamic terrorist capable of doing what he did. The signs were there, but nobody took action, and nobody said anything.


Could it be that Political Correctness killed those people?

Meanwhile, Barack Obama stood at a podium in Texas voicing that nobody knows why people snap. The press is trying to blame post-traumatic syndrome, when the guy has never seen combat. The Left is trying to find any excuse except the obvious. Janet Napolitano in the United Arab Emirates spoke to Muslims to calm their fears that there might be anti-Muslim backlash. Some in the media are even claiming the poor guy was under stress for being targeted by intolerant folks about his Muslim faith (I've been in the military, and I find that one hard to believe, actually). They wish to make him out to be a victim, when the guy is a cold blooded killer that did what he did because he believes the ideology of Islam demands such actions from him.

Political Correctness is killing America, and our ability to defend ourselves is null and void at this point.

Let's be clear on this. Hasan is an Islamic Jihadist, and whether or not he had connections to al-Qaeda, this was a terrorist attack on a military base, conducted by a Muslim Jihadist that infiltrated our military and undoubtedly did so with such an attack among his plans.

Obama thinks playing nice-nice to the Islamists will keep us safe. This guy was not poverty stricken, received a good education, and was an officer in the U.S. Military. I don't know how much more nice-nice you can get. Yet, he killed unarmed American troops mercilessly while on the grounds of a United States military installation. And he did so screaming "Allah Akbar," as does suicide bombers as they carry out their terrorist activities.

The argument by the left is that we must protect the moderate Muslims - the peaceful Muslims - the non-radical Muslims.

Peaceful Muslims are non-violent despite Islam, not because of it. And if a worldwide caliphate was in force, there would be no such thing as a moderate Muslim. They would all be dancing in the streets with the death of an infidel, if the Muslims were the majority.

Muslims in the U.S. Military during a time of war against the Islamic Jihad is like having Nazis in our military during World War II.

Could you imagine if such a situation happened during World War II?

An American Soldier, an officer, opens fire upon fellow soldiers on a base stateside during the Second World War, and it not only turns out he is a Nazi, but that the warning signs that he followed the enemy ideology was there all along.

"But what about the peaceful Nazis?" would argue the appeasers. "We don't want anybody to mistreat the Nazis who are not violent, do we?"

Insane. The idea of such a scenario is completely insane. Yet, that is what we have going on in today's military. An Islamic Jihadist opened fire on a military base, every sign available points to him being an Islamic Jihadist, and everyone is trying to find a different explanation so that we don't upset the Muslims.

It's like a nightmare, and the idiots of the Left just don't get it. Islamists wish to either convert you, or kill you, and they don't care who was appeasing them. If you are a non-Muslim, they will see you as the enemy - Period. Having Muslims like Hasan in the U.S. Military is like having Nazis in the U.S. Military during World War II - it is insane, and extremely dangerous to the well-being of the National Security of this nation.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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