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Friday, December 04, 2009

2012, Animal/Human Hybrids, and the road to Armageddon

Tom Horn, a scholar of ancient and Biblical history, reveals the final secrets of Mayan Year 2012, and a recent study that examines animals containing Human Material.

A mouse that can speak? A monkey with Down's Syndrome? Dogs with human hands or feet? British scientists want to know if such experiments are acceptable, or if they are going too far in the name of medical research.

Britain's Academy of Medical Sciences launched a study this week to look at the use of animals containing human material in scientific research (Reuters)

Tom Horn joins Political Pistachio Radio tonight at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern to discuss the bioethics quesions, and what in this science is explosively prophetic!

Are scientists opening a door to more than a biological nightmare? Are secret military labs already creating fully grown human-animal chimera's? Did the Bible and other ancient texts prophecy this moment for the End Times?

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