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Democrats to lose big in 2010

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The primary difference between liberals and conservatives is the size of government. The more someone moves to the left, the more government control over the people becomes a factor in their thinking. The more someone moves to the right, the less government is thought to be necessary in their lives. Tyranny versus liberty. Big Brother versus taking care of yourself.

Government, once it begins to grow, is a difficult monster to keep on a leash. Creeping incrementalism, I call it. The size of government will grow in an incremental manner over history until it comes to the point that the populace becomes enslaved by massive government, at which point revolution becomes the only means possible to change things back in the direction of liberty. When in the phase of growth, government exists for itself. Everything it does is for it's survival, and growth.

The Founding Fathers studied history, and realized that big government always leads to the collapse of large political structures in the past. Therefore, the wise men wrote the founding documents with the intention of curtailing creeping incrementalism as much as possible. The U.S. Constitution was written to stand the test of time, and the onslaught of tyranny.

A bloodless coup has overtaken America, and when confronted with the U.S. Constitution, the leftists brush it aside as if it is some meaningless scrap of paper.

You may think I am only talking about the hard left Democrats. The disease of big government, and the thirst for more political power, has infected both parties - only more so in the Democratic Party. If left untreated, the infestation of socialism will destroy this nation, and all that the blood of patriots fought to create and preserve. That is, unless we have a revolution.

Revolutions come in many forms, and the one on the horizon is not a bloody one, but a revival of sorts. Americans have watched as leftism has seized control of the rest of the world, and though we were concerned, we did not worry about America following in the footsteps of the Marxists. This is America, after all. We fought off communism, and the Berlin Wall came down. We experienced a leftist president in the 1970s, and the response was the Reagan Revolution. Surely, Americans know the dangers of leftism, and will not let the deception of the socialists gain a footing in this great nation.

Deception. That is how leftism works. They promise tax cuts, and then raise taxes, but in such a way you don't realize it is happening. They promise transparency, then hide from the public everything they are doing. They promote hope and change, and then create a hopeless situation in America as they try to change it into a form of government the Founding Fathers never intended it on being.

The Democrats are the hard left architects of socialism in America, and the Republicans have been the accomplices.

As the Democrats propose socialized health care disguised as a package of hope for America, rather than rail against the abomination, the Republicans are offering amendments to it. The whole thing is a ball of Marxist trash! You don't amend something like that. You destroy it!

Leftism is on the rise globally, as well, and the oil rich nations realize it. As the leftists of the United Nations propose Climate Change treaties that will essentially transfer wealth to the poorer nations while not allowing those nations to develop because of the myth of man-made global warming, the dictators and despots of the world have their hands out. Through their global scheme of redistributing wealth, the leftists of the world are literally planning on funding tyranny the world over.

Americans are waking up to the idiocy. They see what is happening and are rejecting it like a diseased organ implant. An uprising has erupted, and it is Americans of all walks that are demanding a stop to the downward spiral of America into a system that once ruled the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The ACLU has lost $19 million in donations because Americans are recognizing the organization's hand in the rise of Marxism in America. The realization that Obama's promise of you "being able to keep your insurance if you like it" was a lie has been confirmed by the Congressional Budget Office and Congress's Joint Committee on Taxation, which suggests that Obama's pledge is at odds with the health care legislation drafted by House and Senate Democrats. The Copenhagen talks are not going well because the countries are bickering over money, and the poor countries with their hands out don't believe they are getting what they deserve; as the American People scrutinize the hacked emails from the Climate Research Unit, and the manipulated data from NASA, and begin to realize that Climate Change is a leftist hoax. In short, Americans are fed up with the leftists in control of the American government, and are turning away from the Democrats in droves, led amazingly by independents and moderate Democrats.

The Democrats did poorly in all of the elections of 2009.

So what do the Democrats do in response to all of this disillusionment and discontent?

The House Democrats approved a $447 billion omnibus spending measure, which combines six appropriations bills. The House also approved a Financial Regulation Bill which will tighten government's grip around the neck of the financial private sector with far-reaching Congressional control over Wall Street and the financial markets by creating a new agency that will oversee consumer lending while establishing new rules for transactions. They are even planning on slipping in a new tax that is literally a retroactive tax on the dead by adding to the estate tax laws! The most stunning leftist move amidst all of this anger about their out of control spending, however, is Pelosi's request to increase our national debt limit by nearly $2 trillion.

The request to raise the national debt limit, in order to enable the Democrats to spend more, and borrow more to do it, will be attached as a provision to the Department of Defense appropriations bill that already has 5,224 earmarks attached to it, which will provide an 8% hike in discretionary spending for the third consecutive year since Pelosi took over Congress in 2007. The left has no plans to budget the taxpayer's money. All they wish to do is spend, spend, and spend some more, until the American treasury is beyond repair, and the American Economy collapses.

The misery has deepened to the point that the American People just can't take it anymore, and amazingly this is before the first year of Obama's presidency has even reached its completion. The misery index is currently at 10.02, which is fast approaching the 10.1 it was at when Jimmy Carter's policies crushed America. Historically, when the Misery Index is that high, the opposition party gains an average of 26 seats in the House of Representatives. Considering the mood of the nation, some are suggesting the Democrats will lose nearly all of their seats up for re-election in 2010, of which 40 seats would give the GOP control of the House.

One of the keys, however, is that the Republican Party must regain its roots, and ensure it returns to being the party of conservatism. As it stands now, with the wishy-washy leftism the GOP has been portraying, a failure to stand on conservative principles could cost the Republican Party the opportunity of a lifetime. To confirm the notion that the people want a GOP that is not moderate, but a party that is standing on its conservative foundation, a poll recently found that running under the Tea Party brand of conservative principles may be better in congressional races than being a Republican. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found Democrats attracting 36% of the vote. The Tea Party candidate picking up 23%, and Republicans finishing third at 18%. Another 22% were undecided. The interesting part, however, is that the overwhelming numbers of Tea Party supporters came from Populists and Independents!

With all of the current actions of the Democrats in power angering the American Citizens, it is fast looking like the Democrats are going to lose big in 2010.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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