Monday, January 25, 2010

Is The Health Care Reform Bill Dead?

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The Democrats, faced with more set-backs that includes the election of Scott Brown to the 41st Republican Senate Seat, still wish to push "something" through for "Health Care Reform." The bill is already so watered down that far left radicals like Howard Dean believes that it not only will not accomplish what the Democrats originally set out to do, but that it will wind up putting more money in the pockets of the insurance companies.

If they water down the healthcare bill even more, a congressional analyst believes they will have an even more difficult time passing the bill because even Democrats will be unwilling to vote for it.

So how do leftist radicals pass a watered down bill when the opposition has enough votes to filibuster, regardless of what bill is put forth? Sure, they will scale it back in the hopes of winning congressional approval, but if that's the case, what will the bill be like after it is all done and said?

The Heritage Foundation indicates that the smaller bill may include "some insurance market reforms, some things to help small businesses, closing the gap in Medicare prescription drug coverage." The Heritage Foundation also says that Democrats will continue to be forced to scrap major tenets of their original bill.

"The individual mandate, the employer mandate, the public option, the OPM-run plan, the national or state exchanges -- a lot of the big picture stuff is being thrown aside because they just can't move it through [because] they found it to be too unpopular. But, all of that said, what they're proposing is still going to be very hard to do."

In other words, with all of the compromises they must put into it, the bill will be rendered "unworkable."

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