Sunday, January 24, 2010

Progressive Political Positions

Let me get this straight:

When Bush was president protesting against the government was patriotic - but with Obama in office it is anti-government extremism.

When Bush was president all war was bad, and the troop surge in Iraq was bad policy - but with Obama in office a troop increase in Afghanistan was necessary, and an attack in Yemen was a good thing.

When Bush was president any Democrat that voted across the aisle was a sell-out - but with Obama in office the Republican refusal to vote with the Democrats on things like Health Care makes the GOP the Party of No.

When Pro-lifers try to protect the lives of unborn babies, it is seen as a bunch of religious nuts refusing to give a woman her right to abortion - but Liberals have a real problem with the death penalty because life is precious.

When a Republican politician in South Carolina has an affair against his wife he needs to be banned from politics - but when a Democrat President lies under oath about his affair with an intern in the White House it is no big deal.

When a Republican like DeLay is accused of corruption, even though there is no evidence, and he isn't convicted, his political career was over - but when a Democrat named Jefferson is found with a freezer full of ill-gotten money, he is a shoe-in to win his next election.

When a Republican Senator says a nice thing to a hundred year old politician who was once a segregationist, the Republican Senator is labeled a racist, and is forced to step down - but if the Senate Majority Leader says the first African-American to be voted in as President of the United States only got elected because he's light-skinned and doesn't speak with a "Negro-dialect", or a former president states that ten years ago Obama would be fetching them coffee, it is seen as a moment of misspeaking, and all apologies are accepted.

The liberals proclaim that the insurance companies are evil and that is why they are pushing their health care legislation, then they add a provision to that health care legislation mandating that Americans buy health insurance from those evil insurance companies.

While demanding tolerance, and the justification of immoral behavior the liberal left demands that anything Christian must be removed from the public view, while "tolerant" homosexuals openly proclaim they will destroy the "Christian Movement."

While indicating that they believe in protecting this nation against terrorist threats the liberals refuse to profile Muslims ages 18-40 because they don't want to upset anybody.

Obama bailed out the banks so that they could make a profit, and then decided to hit them with a tax to punish them for making a profit.

Liberals proclaim their aim is to make sure everyone feels safe in their homes, as they work to pass legislation to remove the citizen's right to own a weapon.

They promise hope and change, and then kill hope, and work to change this nation into a socialist state.

Contradictions, double-standards and inconsistencies. I'll take the U.S. Constitution, instead. You can keep the change.

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