Saturday, February 20, 2010

Liberal Cows Are Dead Cows

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Creeping incrementalism is the method of changing a society through small, incremental changes. It is like a small injection, so small that the people don't really notice it, but large enough that the populace changes their own individuality to accommodate the change. Eventually, through the slow insertion of government solutions to every problem, the citizens deny their own individualism, shed self-reliance, and set aside responsibility and common sense for government handouts, false security, and communal collectivism.

To stand for individual liberty is to fight for the future. Liberalism is the decision to live in the present tense, to hold the comforts of the moment, and to disregard the dangerous rapids that lie just beyond the bend. The leftists know that freedom must be labored for, and the people can be convinced to stop fighting for their liberty if given periodic gifts from the treasury. Decay sets in, a sense of entitlement is created through the incremental giving of those gifts from the treasury, and without a shot ever being fired, the government takes control over people's lives - and the most shocking thing about it is the populace hands over their liberty freely, even demanding socialism to take it from them, claiming they have a right to live under a government controlled system where the wealth will be redistributed in such a way that nobody can ever ascend to a level higher than anybody else (unless they are a member of the political ruling class, that is).

An entitlement is something that people believe they have a right, or a claim, to despite the fact that it is something they provided for themselves, or their ancestors provided for themselves, not very long ago. Convinced that such an entitlement is a "right" by the powers that be in the federal government, citizens set down their milk cans and begin to demand the politicians provide milk for them. Then, as the people begin to demand that their milk be given to them as an entitlement, just to make sure the dependence to government for milk by the people does not wane, the powerful politicians point at the folks who still own cows and say "how can they justify owning those cows, and milking them for an abundance of milk they do not completely use while you are struggling with your small amount of milk? Their cows should be government cows so that we can distribute the milk evenly. By them having extra milk on their tables, you have less." The government then, in an effort to redistribute the wealth, takes the cows from the cow-owners so that the former dairymen can be as miserable as the rest of the people with their government rationing of milk. Then the government kills the cows through mismanagement and improper care, leaving even less milk to go around for the citizens.

The people then sit around, drinking their limited supply of milk, complaining about the milk shortage, but glad they are not like the country over the hills where people actually have to work for their milk, milking the cows in the early morning hours, and then selling the milk to the highest bidder. Sure, many of the people in that place have more milk than the people in the government controlled society, but at least in the world of collectivism, the distribution of milk is fair. Everyone is equally miserable. Nobody may be allowed to have an abundant supply of milk, but at least there is nobody without any milk at all.

Besides, eventually, the socialists know, the people in that other land will rise up and demand the government provide them milk too, and the cows will die in that land too as the government seizes control, and redistributes the milk in what the elitist intellectuals deem a more fair manner.

Meanwhile, the government elite sit high in their capitol building making milkshakes, chocolate milk, and anything else they can think up, practically bathing in the stuff. They have a right, they believe, to all of that extra milk. After all, it is they who masterfully make sure that everyone has an equal amount of milk around the land. Then, at the end of the day, the ruling class pours out the excess milk among the fallen bodies of dying cows for the sun to evaporate as the populace in the valley agree how fortunate they are to have a government willing to give them a "fair" ration of milk in the first place.

As for me, I'd rather keep my cow, and milk her.

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